Is Bassett Considering Bolting?

IU signee Armon Bassett has caught some people's attention with his play this season at Hargrave Military Academy. In the aftermath of Mike Davis' decision to step down at season's end, Bassett might be ready to entertain other offers and options.

Armon Bassett admits he's heard there are programs interested in him now that Mike Davis has decided to step down. Now the question is how seriously the 6-2, 180-pound Terre Haute native is going to listen.

"There are schools talking to my AAU coaches and prep school coaches right now," said Bassett, who signed with Indiana in November. "It's some of the same schools that recruited and way better schools. There are some upgrades. I'm talking about some of them being contenders."

The Hargrave Military Academy point guard declined to specify which schools are inquiring about his availability. Among those that were initially interested in the Terre Haute (Ind.) South graduate were Xavier, Missouri, Purdue and Marquette.

Bassett is taking a wait-and-see approach to his college future. He admits he likely wouldn't have committed to the Hoosiers if he'd known Davis wasn't going to be on the sidelines next season, and the uncertainty of who will take over the program has him unsettled about how the new coach would envision using him beginning next fall.

But he also knows that he's signed his letter of intent with the Hoosiers, meaning IU Athletics Director Rick Greenspan would need to grant him a release if he wanted to pick another school and play next fall.

"Ultimately, I signed my letter of intent with Indiana," Bassett said. "I'm fine with Indiana. I signed with them and we haven't talked about anything yet. As of right now, I still consider myself an Indiana Hoosier."

One would think that who Greenspan picks to replace Davis would be the biggest factor in Bassett's decision, but he said that's actually not the case. Instead, it's which of the players will be back in the aftermath of Davis' decision to step down.

"Who the new coach is going to be has the least impact on my decision right now," Bassett said. "My thing is seeing if the top two players stay there. If they do, that still doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to still go there. My decision will be impacted most on if D.J. (White) and Robert (Vaden) stay."

Both White and Vaden have hinted strongly at departing at season's end. Following Davis' announcement to step down, both White and Vaden said he was the biggest reason they came to IU, and they couldn't see themselves playing for the Hoosiers without Davis on the sidelines. White has been unavailable to the media since those comments, but Vaden reiterated his intentions to consider other options after the conclusion of the 2006 season.

"Robert is only a sophomore in college and he's stressed out right now, emotionally beat up," Bassett said. "Those players, regardless of what the fans said, those players love Coach Davis."

White and Vaden have both talked about possibly following Davis if he lands a job at a prominent Division I school next year, but Bassett doesn't see himself doing the same.

"I wouldn't follow Davis to a new program," Bassett said. "I really like Coach Davis and he was the biggest reason why I committed there, but he needs to go somewhere that is good for him and I'm going to go somewhere that is good for me."

Will that somewhere be Indiana? Time will tell.

"We'll see, that's what I'm doing now," Bassett said. "I'm waiting a little bit and seeing how things play out with the team." Top Stories