Hoosier Gameday - Will Few Stay or Go?

Gonzaga Coach Mark Few talks about speculation about him leaving Gonzaga; his concerns about the Hoosiers' dribble penetration; and his feelings about Mike Davis leaving IU.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – As Gonzaga's season is winding down, the speculation about Mark Few is heating up.

Thanks to a 28-3 season, a top-five national ranking, and plenty of national attention, the Gonzaga coach's name is once again being mentioned with coaching vacancies around the country. One of those positions is at Indiana, where Mike Davis is set to step down at season's end.

Few has become accustomed to the speculation and admits he has to address the question on occasion when recruiting players, but says he's not the one fueling the talk.

"It's not my doing," Few said. "Proof is in your actions. I've been at Gonzaga for 17 years now. People can speculate and all that. I'm in a great place, I enjoy where I'm at, and we have a great thing going right now."

Gonzaga junior forward Adam Morrison is also aware of the talk about his coach, but he doesn't think he's going anywhere.

"The only time the program's ever felt he was going to leave was when Washington opened up, but he decided not to," Morrison said. "I don't think there's a job out there that can be any better than what the situation he has at Gonzaga. I think he has a 10-year contract. He likes Spokane, he just built a house. What else do you want? It's a great place.

"There are always rumors about all our coaches, but I think they love coaching at Gonzaga."

Just four years after leading IU to the national championship game, Davis will step down at the conclusion of the 2005-06 season. Ultimately, Davis' march to the '02 championship game and a 115-78 overall record wasn't enough to keep him in Bloomington.

"I think it's sad, really sad," Few said. "It's disappointing. Hopefully that's not where it's headed.

"This is the second time we've played them, and I've always been impressed when I break down their tape in how they execute and what the run and how hard they play. I think Mike is a heck of a coach. I think it's just kind of the age we live in right now. There's more pressure than ever before in coaching."

Few knew he'd have to come up with a way to contain Marco Killingsworth and to limit the Hoosiers' effectiveness from behind the 3-point arc, but now he has another thing to worry about – dribble penetration.

Led by point guard Earl Calloway, Indiana constantly attacked San Diego State off the dribble Thursday night. Calloway was the main culprit, going 8-of-9 from the floor, including seven lay-ups.

"That was scary to watch," Few said. "Their perimeter quickness, their guys ability spread you out so much because they hit the 3 so well, then they can get to the basket. That's a big concern for us."

Calloway's quickness will make it very difficult for Gonzaga to slow him down one-on-one, meaning the Bulldogs will have to bring help before Calloway to get to the basket.

"(We need to) have one guy on the ball and four guys in help," said Gonzaga guard Erroll Knight. "We have to have a lot of help away from the ball."

- Adam Morrison on his team's ability to come from behind and knock off Xavier in the first round… "I don't call it fear that you don't want to play your last game, it's motivation more or less. Nobody wants to be like Iowa like they lost to a 14 (seed). We knew coming in Xavier wasn't a 14 seed. They were 12-2 to start the year and they had a tough stretch…they finally figured out how to play different."

- Morrison on his infamous mustache… "I think I'm becoming a man in that area. It's about time. All my friends from high school are shaving, and I still looked like a little kid. This was all I could muster up."

- "I knew last night when he got the basketball that there was a 50-50 chance it would go in because he is a big shot guy. He has made some big shots for us this year. He is a winner." – Mike Davis

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