Bassett In The Dark, Future Up In the Air

Armon Bassett's future as an Indiana Hoosier remains very much up in the air. The IU signee admits he's considering the possibility of asking for his release from IU.

Kelvin Sampson not only has to convince D.J. White and Robert Vaden that IU is the place to be next fall, but incoming freshman Armon Bassett as well. Bassett told earlier this week he hasn't talked to anyone recently from IU.

"I haven't talked to anyone at IU," said Armon Bassett. "My prep coaches tried to get a hold of some of the officials at IU, and I don't think they have gotten in touch with anyone. I haven't spoken to anyone personally."

Bassett, one of Davis' two commits for next season, has been waiting patiently to hear from Indiana about his future while other schools have continued to knock on his door. The added attention and uncertainty has the 6-2, 180-pound Terre Haute native considering playing his college days at another university.

"There's a chance I'll ask for a release, but I'm not leaning towards anything really," said Bassett.

"I'm trying to go somewhere where I can go and try to make it to the NBA. I committed because I developed a strong relationship with Coach Davis. He knows how I play and how I would fit in. It might be tough to go to Indiana and play for a coach that doesn't know anything about me or my game. I'm looking for the best fit for me and for my future."

The season is over for Hargrave after finishing the season 28-2 and garnering the nation's no. 2 ranking for prep schools, leaving Bassett plenty of time to focus on his road ahead.

"I'm just focusing on my school year now," he said. "I would imagine even if I choose to get my release papers I'll have to wait until they announce the next coach anyway. That's what one of the former coaches told me anyway."

After committing to Davis, Bassett has been unable to talk to the former IU coach about each of their futures. However, Bassett is not closing the door on possibly playing under Davis.

"If I got my release papers and Davis got a hold of me, then maybe that could be an option," he said. "But as of right now, he can't say anything to me and he hasn't accepted a job yet. None of that has been discussed."

With his ears open to any news out of Bloomington, Bassett is curious to see if Indiana players Robert Vaden and D.J. White return to the program under a new head coach.

"If everybody did come back, that could be a factor. A little bit – but I'm going with what's best for me. If they did that then that would be what they thought was right, but I'm my own person with my own goals to try to achieve."

Convincing Bassett to come to Indiana may prove to be tougher than Vaden and White, considering geography alone. With Bassett at school in Virginia, he does not see himself making the trek to Bloomington anytime soon.

"I just got back from spring break and I don't see anyway how I can make it back to Indiana," he said. "I can't miss school and I don't think it would be good financially for me to be going back and forth like that. If there was going to be a meeting, whoever the coach is would probably have to come out to Hargrave because I couldn't make it back to Indiana until the end of May." Top Stories