A Trip to Terre Haute Coming Up for Sampson?

In an effort to keep Armon Bassett headed to Bloomington, new IU coach Kelvin Sampson could very well be headed to Terre Haute this week to meet with Bassett's family and ultimately with Armon as well.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - What a difference a week has made in the mind of Armon Bassett.

"I definitely feel different than I did last week," Bassett said Monday night. "I've been talking to Coach (Kelvin) Sampson pretty much everyday since last Friday. It's been a lot of really good talks."

After feeling ignored by Indiana University during the search for a new basketball coach and ultimately asking for his release from his commitment, 6-2, 180-pound Terre Haute native Bassett is now more concerned with meeting Sampson in person than looking for another school to commit to.

Bassett felt last week like making another trip to Bloomington would be out of the question until talking to Sampson on the phone over the weekend. Now he is trying to find a way back the next chance he gets.

"I want to get in there before the next recruiting period starts," said Bassett. "It's only fair to him that if I'm going to do something he should have the right to go out and recruit someone else. He needs to know what I'm going to do. I'll have a better idea about it after sitting down with him. I need to know he has my best interests in mind. Then I'll have a decision."

One thing Sampson has in his favor is his latest recruiting assistant – Bassett's mom. Sampson had to contact Bassett's mother to get a hold of Bassett, and it appears she still wants her son to be a Hoosier.

"My mom still lives in Terre Haute and of course she wants me to go to Indiana," said Bassett. "But she already told me she'll back me up no matter where I go. She's thrilled by the fact Coach Sampson got a hold of her to get my cell phone number. He had to get her number from the previous coaching staff because they are the ones that recruited me. He didn't have my number until he talked to her."

Sampson plans to keep the channel of communication open with Bassett's mother in hopes of bringing the point guard to Bloomington as originally expected.

"Coach Sampson is going to have a meeting with my mom and my uncle within the next couple of days and then I'm going to try to come there and meet with him too," said Bassett. "I'm trying to get there next weekend, but nothing is concrete yet."

The one thing left for Sampson to do to keep Bassett on his way to Indiana appears to be selling his system to the future point guard.

"I told him I'm not worried about anything," said Bassett. "I know he's a class-act guy, I just want to see what kind of plays he has for me and if my style fits his style of play. He called a bunch of coaches to ask about me and they all told him he better keep me or start looking for a point guard right now to be the future of Indiana."

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