Indiana First to offer Decicco

Pennsylvania athlete Dom Decicco already has an offer from Indiana, and the 6-3, 195-pounder is talking about finding a time to come to Bloomington in the next several weeks...

Versatility seems to be the key for Terry Hoeppner and the Indiana Hoosiers who are at it again.

This time their target is Clairton, Penn. cornerback and wide receiver Dom Decicco from Thomas Jefferson H.S. The 6-3, 195-pound athlete can also play the safety and outside linebacker positions.

"I play corner and wide receiver now, but a lot of coaches have talked to me about playing outside linebacker," said Decicco. "Sometimes it feels like it's different for every coach. But I like the fact I have more positions to look at."

With most of his early attention coming from his home state, at the moment Decicco only has one offer on the table.

"Right now, the only offer I have is from Indiana," said Decicco. "I'm supposed to get an offer from Pitt this weekend. West Virginia and Virginia have shown interest and I plan on visiting Iowa and Notre Dame. I already visited Pitt and Penn State."

Decicco has already seen in-state schools Pitt and Penn State and they are two of his early favorites. However, they are not running away with his commitment and location will not be giving them the edge.

"I definitely like both Pitt and Penn State, but playing close to home doesn't really matter," he said. "I'm going to take as many trips as I can and examine all my choices. Staying close isn't really a big factor for me right now.

"Right now my list looks like Indiana, Pitt, Penn State, Virginia, West Virginia and Notre Dame."

Decicco is coming off a strong junior year that is starting to draw some attention his way. He has been a three-year starter for his high school and should make it four straight next season.

"I had 11 touchdowns receiving and that tied a record at the school," said Decicco. "I had a kick return and a couple of punt returns for touchdowns and eight interceptions. That was all with missing three games due to an arm injury. My arm is fine now, I played in our last game of the season, the district championship."

Indiana appears to be trying to lure Decicco to visit Bloomington very soon and it appears the trip is in the planning stages.

"I talk to (Co-Defensive Coordinator and defensive line) Coach (Brian) George and we don't really talk about what position he wants me at," said Decicco. "We've mostly talked about when I'm coming to visit. I haven't had much of a chance to ask him about much else.

"I think I'll come there soon. Maybe over Easter break or the beginning of the summer me and my dad will go there and take a look." Top Stories