Negedu Catches IU's Attention, Lands Offer

Emmanuel Negedu is a special player in the 2008 class who many don't know much about, but Indiana has already extended a scholarship offer...

Bloomington, Ind. – He has only been in America for a year and a half, but 16-year-old Emmanuel Negedu of Nigeria has already attracted the attention of many of the nation's top programs.

Among those programs are the Indiana Hoosiers and Coach Kelvin Sampson, who have offered the 6-7, 225-pound power forward in the class of 2008.

"They are going to offer me if I want to come here so they have been watching me," Negedu said over the weekend while competing with the Indiana Elite 16-and-under squad. "I don't know if I am coming, though. I have a lot on my mind right now. I have two more years to decide where I want to go so I haven't made up my mind yet."

Indiana will have plenty of competition for the soon-to-be junior. In addition to the Hoosiers, Negedu said he also has recently received offers from Florida State, Wake Forest, Kansas and Iowa State as well.

Negedu will spend his second full season in America next school year at Brewster Academy and should only improve after spending last season adjusting to living in America and learning a new style of basketball.

"I got here last year and there were so many changes," Negedu said. "Back home basketball is really different and last year it was kind of difficult for me. Basketball in the United State is all about running. You have to run all the time so when I got here last year it took time to adjust. I am getting used to it right now and that's why things are easier for me."

Coming to America is not a vacation for Negedu. He has used this opportunity to become a better basketball player and is continuing to work hard on getting better.

"I have a couple of things like I need to work on my shot, my dribbling, my footwork and that's all I need," said Negedu. "I am going to get what I want by working so I am working on that right now with my teammates and coaches everyday.

"I have two more years at Brewster and before I leave I think I will get what I want and my game will be all fixed. I will be ready to go."

With an impressive post game and plenty of athletic ability, Negedu is a dangerous weapon in the paint. He is a strong finisher who can complete the three-point play and outmuscle opponents.

"What motivates me on the basketball court is that I just think of one thing—nobody can stop me and that I can do whatever I want to do because I have the ball," said Negedu. "I want them to play me they way I want them to play, not them playing me the way they want to play me. I go up strong and think of one thing—dunking the ball. That's all I do."

Negedu does not want to settle for playing only in the post, however. He also wants to improve his all-around game to be able to step out to the wing.

"I think in college sometimes I might play in the post and sometimes I might play on the wing," Negedu said. "That's what I want to do right now. I just want to be more like a small forward so I am working on my ball-handling and those things." Top Stories