Kyle Jefferson Listening, Waiting

Standout Glenville (Ohio) H.S. wideout Kyle Jefferson talks about where he is in his decision-making process, and what sort of advice he's been getting from former high school teammate - and current IU freshman - Ray Fisher.

Standing at 6-5, Kyle Jefferson is an intimidating force to the corners lined up across from him. With his size Jefferson can out jump them and with his speed he can beat them to any ball.

Those skills have started to earn him some big time - and Big Ten - attention.

"I have more offers than I can name right now," said Jefferson. "I don't have any favorites, but I like Wisconsin, Ohio State, Purdue, Indiana, Michigan State, Michigan, Boston College and Minnesota. I have offers from all of those schools except Ohio State and Michigan. I don't know if they will offer me."

The 6-5, 170-pound Jefferson is a standout wide receiver for Glenville HS in Cleveland. With his season only halfway done, Jefferson is more worried about looking for seams in the defense than looking for a college.

"I haven't made any visits because I'm going to wait until after my season so I can stay focused on my team," said Jefferson. "I haven't even made a decision yet on where I'm going to go (on visits). I really haven't had a chance to even talk to coaches. But it seems like the Big Ten coaches are great guys and great coaches."

After catching 15 balls in 2005 for 300 yards and four touchdowns, Jefferson should be on pace improve on his junior season and earn more interest from D-I schools.

"My senior year is going okay so far," said Jefferson. "I've caught eight passes for 240 yards, but I haven't scored a touchdown yet. Right now, our team is 4-1 and we have a big game coming up in two weeks when we play Cleveland South. I'm excited for all the games, but I'm most excited for that one."

Jefferson is the former teammate of Indiana's second-leading receiver, true-freshman Ray Fisher. While Fisher was forced to sit out most of his senior season with a knee injury, he has worked his way into the Indiana lineup and already has 11 catches for 120 yards in four games.

Fisher's hard work and determination is something Jefferson looks up to and Fisher has been an important source of advice for the D-I prospect.

"I talked to (Fisher) yesterday," said Jefferson. "He's been telling me where it's the same, where it's different. What you learn in practices, what you do during the week leading up to the game. You have to work a little harder. Not that I'm not working hard already, but he told me you have to come in with the mindset that you want to do it."

With Fisher making an immediate impact for the Hoosiers, Jefferson knows that he too can make his way into a lineup if he works hard enough – then he can enjoy the fun parts of the game like Fisher is.

"He said it's very exciting to be on the field and catching passes," said Jefferson. "He told me how the game is faster but once you make that first catch it starts to slow down. I can't wait for that. I know that I have to take it day by day and wait for my time to come, but I can't wait to get my chance to be a college football player. Right now though, I have to make the best of this season."

Jefferson may be getting advice from Fisher about the college game, but when it comes to his recruitment, Jefferson may only get so much out of Fisher.

"Ray only says positive things to me about IU," said Jefferson. "They're a throwing team that keeps all the receivers involved in the action. They throw it over 40 times a game and at least six guys are making catches. They can throw the ball long, they throw it short. They do a lot of things with the ball and use the receivers a lot. I can see myself having a chance at Indiana to make some catches and see some action."

All the attention Jefferson has been receiving from the Big Ten has been exactly what he wanted all along. Not only is he getting noticed by the schools he grew up watching, but Jefferson will most likely get the chance to play close to home so his biggest fans can still see him play.

"I want to stay in the Midwest, kind of close to home," said Jefferson. "I like when my family makes it to the games to see me. I want to stay close to them. My parents still are trying to keep me focused on this season and not worry about college yet.

"Their opinion means a lot to me. I want them to support me and agree with me, but it will all come down to where I feel comfortable. The college I choose is the college I'm going to stay at."

Jefferson has already decided to wait until his high school season is over to find the right college for him, then he will begin to narrow his list. Right now he is going to be looking for two criteria.

"Playing time is going to be important, but I want to know who the coaches are too," said Jefferson. "I want to know how they act on and off the field. I want to go to college to earn a degree, but I think I can also do big things on the football field – and I think I can do it early. I know I still have to prove myself to them too." Top Stories