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HoosierNation.com takes a look back at Indiana's 85-58 rout of Purdue, the Hoosiers 12th win over their arch-rival in the last 14 meetings. We name the game's MVP, look at what were some of the most impressive and surprising things to come out of the win, and hear what the players and coaches had to say afterwards...

Game MVP - A.J. Ratliff. During pre-game warm-ups, Ratliff couldn't buy a bucket. Saddled with plenty of protection for his injured left wrist, the junior guard appeared unable to get comfortable with his shot and unable to knock much of anything down. But once the game got underway, Ratliff couldn't miss. He finished with 16 points on 6-of-6 shooting in 18 minutes, including 4-of-4 from behind the 3-point arc. Thirteen of those points came in the second half, helping the Hoosiers to a 68 percent effort in the game's final 20 minutes and eventually their most lopsided win over Purdue since a 106-65 victory in 1992. Ratliff was also a big part of IU's defensive effort, recording two of IU's nine blocked shots.

Biggest Surprise… The final score. Purdue has now lost 26 in a row on the road, but this is a much better Boilermaker team than the one fielded in recent years. It has arguably the league's best scoring big man in Carl Landry, a veteran double-digit scorer in the backcourt in David Teague, and plenty of quality complementary pieces with the likes of Chris Kramer, Gordon Watt, Tarrance Crump and others. But this good Purdue team was embarrassed thanks to a great performance by Indiana. For the second straight outing Indiana dominated every phase of the game and put together a 20-point-plus victory against a foe it hadn't done that to in more than a decade. While it wasn't a huge surprise Indiana emerged victorious at home, the lopsided result should serve as a confidence boost for the Hoosiers and a notice to the rest of the league Indiana might be the third best team in the conference at this point in the season.

What I Found Most Impressive… Indiana managed to limit Carl Landry to only six field goal attempts and six free-throw attempts in 32 minutes. Landry finished with 13 points, but that was well below his 19.9 season average. In 16 games this season, Landry had attempted double-digit field goals 11 times, and he's attempted at least 10 free throws in 10 different games. But the Hoosiers contained him with a two-pronged approach – occasionally they'd "monster" him when he got the ball, rotating a second big man over to double team him. At other times, they'd drop a guard down to double when he had the ball in the post. Both proved effective, helping Indiana hold the Boilermakers to their lowest point total of the season.

What I Found Most Concerning… It's a stretch to find much of anything Indiana didn't do well in its 27-point thumping of its arch-rival. One thing you can count on the IU staff continuing to do is working with Joey Shaw to keep him from fouling out on the perimeter when his man puts the ball on the floor. Shaw is emerging as a real offensive weapon for Sampson, evidenced by his 19-point effort that included 5-of-6 shooting, two 3-pointers, and eight trips to the free-throw line in just 18 minutes. But Shaw also fouled out for the second time in his last three games despite playing less than half the contest. In Shaw's last four games he's fouled out twice, picked up four fouls once, and had three on the other occasion despite averaging only 16.7 minutes/game. On the season, Shaw has picked up a team-high 42 fouls, while his 225 minutes ranks seventh on the squad. Shaw's role is continuing to expand, but that requires that he not land himself in quick foul trouble on a nightly basis.

Turning Point: Indiana's lead went from comfortable to laughable thanks to a 14-0, 3 ½ minute run early in the second half. With the Hoosiers leading 45-32 with 13:21 remaining, Shaw scored seven points to spearhead the Hoosiers run, Purdue turned the ball over five times in seven offensive possessions, and Indiana's lead was suddenly 59-32 at the 10:47 mark. Purdue Coach Matt Painter was whistled for a technical midway through Indiana's run, but that did little to slow the Hoosiers' onslaught. Indiana would eventually extend the lead to as many as 31 before settling for the 27-point victory.

Quotable: "We adjusted to some things, and in the second half I thought we played a lot harder with a lot more purpose." – Indiana Coach Kelvin Sampson.

"They had a good plan for D.J..I thought he passed the ball well tonight. He had three assists, but he had a lot of passes that led to an assist. I guess if this was a hockey game he'd get more credit than that." – Indiana Coach Kelvin Sampson.

"It feels good. I did a lot of shooting this week, being out with that injury. The ball felt good coming off my hand, and my teammates were getting it to me when I was open." – A.J. Ratliff.

"For a guy that only took six shots, he impressed me. He's a load...he's really, really, really good. But we had a good plan for him tonight. Sometimes we monstered him, sometimes we had our guard digging down." – IU Coach Kelvin Sampson on Carl Landry.

"I was disappointed in the effort. Just fight somebody. Go after a rebound, be quick to the basketball, do the little things, take a charge. When you're on the road, you have to be able to finish around the basket. We got the ball point blank at the basket and they're just beating our stuff off the glass, they're changing our shot..they were just tougher than us." – Purdue Coach Matt Painter.

"He's assembled a lot of different guys in here, whether it's JUCO, whether it's a holdover that was injured, whether it's a kid from a prep school, an under-recruited kid like Wilmont who's just tough as nails…you can right down the list. Suhr, Joey Shaw was amazing today. Just amazing. He's going to be a very good player, Xavier Keeling. A lot of guys without great names, but he's put them together and they're playing their asses off. I wish I didn't have to coach against them, that I could just watch, because watching film, you see them playing hard and being quick to the basketball. That's what it's all about." – Purdue Coach Matt Painter.

Random Thoughts/Notes: After scoring a team-high 11 points in the first half, Armon Bassett missed most of the second half with a sore hip. The injury doesn't appear to be significant, though, since IU Coach Kelvin Sampson said afterwards some players are better at playing through pain. The suggestion appeared to be that others could have played with a similar ailment…how well did things go for the Hoosiers? During a 20-second stretch in the second half they actually survived with only four players on the floor. After an Indiana 30-second timeout, only Errek Suhr, Roderick Wilmont, Xavier Keeling and Mike White were on the floor against Purdue's five players. The oversight forced Indiana to call another 30-second timeout so they could get Joey Shaw on the floor…there was no mistaking the cold shoulder treatment both Painter and Sampson gave each other throughout the contest. The pre-game handshake was every bit as abbreviated as the postgame encounter, and Painter glared at Sampson in the first half after his brief encounter with Earl Calloway. Painter's stare, though, only resulted in Sampson glaring right back at the second-year Purdue head coach.

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