Adkins Gets Assist for Recruiting Slam Dunk

Warren Central H.S. cornerback Chris Adkins committed to the Hoosiers back in December, but since that time he did what he could to convince prep teammates Jerimy Finch and Jeff Boyd that Bloomington was the right place for them as well...

Chris Adkins probably deserves an assist for IU's recruiting slam dunk with Jerimy Finch and Jeff Boyd.

While the 6-2, 200-pound Finch and the 6-3, 285-pound Boyd are the two most high-profile IU-bound recruits from Warren Central H.S. – assuming Finch sticks with that verbal commitment – Adkins and Warren Central H.S. offensive lineman Andrew McDonald were the first two members of the four-time state championship football program to pledge to IU.

The 6-0, 175-pound Adkins let the IU staff know in December he intended to sign with the Hoosiers to play cornerback. With that decision made, Adkins turned his attention to trying to convince his prep teammates that IU was the right fit for them as well.

"I'd joke around and always say, ‘we' are going to IU," Adkins said. "I used to do that all the time, especially with Jeff because we had class together."

At that time, the odds appeared long that either Boyd or Finch would wind up in Bloomington, let alone both. Finch was verbally committed to Michigan, and Boyd was considering programs like West Virginia, Louisville and Kentucky, among others. Adkins admits he thought his efforts would prove fruitless.

"I didn't really see it happening," Adkins said.

But like IU assistant coach Billy Lynch and the rest of the Indiana staff, Adkins didn't let up.

"They'd be talking about something, and I'd pop up out of no where and say, ‘we ought to be talking about this kind of stuff at IU,'" Adkins said.

Now, it appears they'll have that chance. Boyd and Finch verballed to Indiana in mid-January following their official visits, joining Adkins and McDonald on IU's 2007 commitment list. Adkins was in town that same weekend as well, although he didn't know for sure his teammates had committed until they called him after he'd headed back to his Indianapolis home.

"It doesn't get an better than this," Adkins said.

The Indiana staff, meanwhile, would likely concur. Finch is the most high-profile recruit to pick the Hoosiers in more than a decade, and Warren Central Coach Steve Tutsie told that Boyd might have the most potential of anyone in Warren Central's senior class because of his size and athleticism at the defensive tackle position.

And Adkins says his teammates aren't coming to Bloomington just to appease Adkins, but rather because they success is on the horizon.

"That's the big reason Jeff and Jerimy got interested in IU," Adkins said. "It's very obvious the school is on an upswing. The program is coming up."

That's important to Adkins as well, who's grown accustomed to winning at every level and in every sport he's competed in, most notably football and track and field.

"In all the sports I've played, I've never really lost," Adkins said. "All I know is winning. That's what it's all about. Winning is fun, and whoever says winning isn't is a loser. I'm not a loser."

Adkins has been a big part of Warren Central's success in recent years, and on both sides of the ball. He spent his first couple of years starring on offense as a slotback, but moved to cornerback as a senior. It was a move that was prompted by Warren Central's depth in the offensive backfield as well as a need at the cornerback position.

It has also proved to be a very positive move for Adkins' football future.

"Coach Tutsie always said I was going to be a corner in college," Adkins said. "I have good speed and I'm big for a corner, and I have a big upside because I've only been playing defense for one year." Top Stories