Reeves Talks About Commitment

Ferndale, Mich., linebacker Ian Reeves was the last name to surface for the Hoosiers' 2007 recruiting class. Reeves talked to this afternoon about how IU found out about him, why he picked the Hoosiers, and about feeling like he has something to prove...

Ian Reeves admits he was confused but what was unfolding during the recruiting process.

The 6-2, 230-pound linebacker from Ferndale (Mich.) H.S. was putting up huge numbers during his high school season, but wasn't getting a great deal of recruiting interest. He capped off his senior season with 156 tackles and five sacks to lead his prep team to the state playoffs, yet he still wasn't getting much attention.

"I was surprised I wasn't hearing from more," Reeves said. "I do run a 4.6 40, I bench 400 pounds, I did have 156 tackles this year. I was kind of confused and didn't know what was going on."

The lack of attention might have been a result of the fact Ferndale isn't a well-known program. In fact, the last time it had a player who drew attention from a Big Ten university was nine years ago when Elvin Jones wound up going to Minnesota.

But Reeves' high school coach sent a highlight tape to IU, and the Hoosier staff quickly took notice. IU assistant coach George Ricumstrict watched the tape and then got Reeves into town for an official visit Jan. 19. And eventually things turned out how Reeves had hoped – a chance to play football in a major conference.

"Coach Ric saw the tape and said I need to go see this kid," Reeves said. "He thought maybe I was going to be too short, because he could see I could run on tape. But he saw I wasn't too short, saw I could play, and we got together and I got down there for an official visit."

That visit was just about all Reeves needed to be convinced IU was the best place for him.

"Once I visited there, I saw everything and I liked it, with what they're getting ready to do to the facilities," Reeves said. "The whole atmosphere, I know I can fit in well there."

The IU staff, meanwhile, thinks Reeves can fit into pretty well with what they're doing as well. Reeves played just about every position on his prep team – everywhere from defensive line to linebacker to safety – and he could wind up at middle linebacker or outside linebacker for the Hoosiers.

"They think I'm versatile enough that I can do either one," Reeves said.

Reeves isn't concerned about which linebacker spot he ends up at. In fact, he's just excited to get the sort of opportunity that he wasn't so sure he'd get a couple of months ago.

"It's kind of like a blessing in disguise," Reeves said. "Indiana came in, got me there for an official visit, and said I'm the kind of player they need at Indiana, and I'm excited to get there. I'm glad to see my hard work paid off.

"I feel Indiana has given me a chance to prove myself as an athlete, and I know I can play with the players who might be ranked ahead of me. I know I can do that. I think this is going to be exciting for me because I know I can play and now I just have to prove it." Top Stories