Mains Pleased by the End Result

A one-time high school quarterback, 6-6, 215-pound Florida prep Anthony Mains made the move to defensive end a year ago. The result has been plenty of schoolarship offers, including one from Indiana...

Bloomington, Ind. – Anthony Mains didn't have any idea he'd be where he is today.

Two years ago, the 6-6, 215-pounder from Naples' Golden Gate H.S. was a quarterback on his prep team, without any real thoughts of playing beyond high school. But before the start of his junior year Mains made the move to defensive end, and things began to change.

It started with a very productive campaign. Mains recorded 67 tackles, nine sacks and 17 tackles for loss in his first season at his new position, and college programs began to take notice. He said his first recruiting letter came from South Florida about a month into the 2006 season, and things haven't slowed down since.

"I really had no idea I'd be so heavily recruited, even during my junior year," Mains said.

The letters continued to come in, and the offers followed soon afterwards. One of those was from Indiana, which Mains said is in his top five along with Vanderbilt, South Florida, Central Florida and Stanford.

"(Indiana) has been showing me a lot of interest," said Mains. "They were one of my first offers about four months ago."

Billy Lynch has been recruiting Mains, along with his prep teammates J.D. Woods and Peter St. Ford. Mains said Lynch has been a big reason why the Hoosiers are among his frontrunners, as is the progress of the program in the last couple of seasons.

"They're a rising program, and that's something I'd like to be a part of to help out," Mains said.

Mains' other frontrunners also have a great deal of appeal as well.

"With Vanderbilt and Stanford, I like them because they are also rising programs and they have great academics," Mains said. "Central Florida I like because they have new facilities and I like their staff. With South Florida, I like (Coach) Jim Leavitt. He's like Coach Lynch, he's really pumped up also."

Those five schools, meanwhile, are equally enthused about Mains. He's a big, athletic defensive end who is still learning the position and appears to have a very bright future on the collegiate level.

"Schools like my pass rushing ability, but they also like my enthusiasm on the field and how hard I play the game," Mains said. Top Stories