News, Notes & Quotes from Saturday's Practice

Find out which true freshman has climbed to No. 2 on the depth chart on the defensive side of the ball; who made arguably the best catch of fall camp; and what the coaches are saying....

- if there's a true freshman who appears to be surfacing as a likely contributor as a true freshman, it's linebacker Tyler Replogle. Replogle had been on the No. 3 unit at middle linebacker, but was moved to outside linebacker this morning, where he was on the No. 2 unit along with Matt Mayberry and Justin Carrington.

"He's a hard working, high motor, smart," said Head Coach Bill Lynch. "That's the thing about playing freshmen, you never know who's going to be ready. Some guys just make the adjustment easier.

"That's not to say four years form now there might not be some one else who ends up being a better player, it just takes them longer to make that adjustment. He's a guy that's made the adjustment pretty well."

- Junior College transfer Kevin Burrus was getting an extended look with the No. 1 defense at defensive tackle on Saturday morning, while senior Joe Kremer was working with the No. 2s. Burrus is a 6-2, 308-pound plugger who could be a big part of the team's plans as it tries to be better against the run.

- while none of the true freshmen offensive linemen are expected to play this year, a couple of them appear to be settling into positions. Andrew McDonald has been working at left tackle with the No. 3 offense, while Josh Hager has been lined up at right tackle on the same unit.

- with Replogle moving to outside linebacker on the No. 2 unit, Darius Johnson has moved to middle linebacker on the No. 3 unit, where he's flanked by fellow frosh Ian Reeves and Dane Conwell. While all of the freshmen know there's an opportunity to earn playing time early in their careers, they've been helping each other along as they grow accustomed to college football.

"The thing we understand is we're a team," said Reeves. "The team doesn't get any better unless you help each other. If someone has a question, we ask each other.

"(Deciding who is going to play) isn't on us. It's not our responsibility to put in the players – that's the coaches' job to choose which player he wants to play. So we try to get better as a team. Injuries happen, guys could have to fill in, so the most important thing is to know what's going on and help each other out.

- the defense was dominant during 7-on-7 passing drills, limiting quarterbacks Kellen Lewis, Ben Chappell, Mitchell Evans and Teddy Schell to a combined 4-of-20 passing against the No. 1 defense, and 11-of-30 overall. Tracy Porter recorded his fourth interception of fall camp during 7-on-7s, and Justin Carrington stepped in front of a would-be receiver to pick off a Kellen Lewis throw as well.

- the offense was a little better during a competitive 11-on-11 session that wrapped up Saturday morning's practice. The coaches would create a third-down situation (3rd-and-8, 3rd-and-4, etc.), and then determine the "winner" of each individual play based on whether the offense converted a first down or not. The No. 1 offense and No. 1 defense were 6-6 against each other; the No. 2 offense was just 2-of-8 against he No. 2 defense, and the No. 3 offense was 1-of-4 against the No. 3 defense.

As mentioned in today's practice report, James Bailey made arguably the most spectacular catch of fall camp thus far, going over the middle and going up with one hand to pull down a Kellen Lewis throw, all while being hammered by Tracy Porter as the ball arrived. Bailey's catch had him up and bouncing around the celebrate along with wide receivers coach Billy Lynch and assistant head coach Gerald Brown.

- besides linebacker, the spot where a true freshman is most likely to help is in the secondary. Cornerbacks Chris Adkins and Donnell Jones have been working with the No. 3 defense, and appear to be behind Tracy Porter, Leslie Majors, Chris Phillips, Richard Council and Adrian Burks right now. Both did get an opportunity, though, to get some reps with the No. 2 defense as well.

- concerning special teams, Austin Starr was effective on kickoffs Saturday, generally getting his kickoffs a couple of yards deep in the end zone despite kicking off from the 30-yard line. Michael Hines continues to hold down the No. 1 punting job, while Marcus Thigpen and Leslie Majors are the Hoosiers two deep men on kickoff return. Top Stories