Luallen "Loves IU" But Others Also Interested

Bloomington, Ind. – It wasn't a stat sheet that revealed what the IU coaching staff needed to know about quarterback Jordan Luallen. Luallen talks about getting an IU scholarship offer before the start of his junior season and what will eventually go into his decision...

Bloomington, Ind. – It wasn't a stat sheet that revealed what the IU coaching staff needed to know about quarterback Jordan Luallen.

The 6'3", 187-pound junior at Center Grove (Ind.) High School received an IU scholarship offer before the start of his sophomore season despite some less-than-staggering individual statistics. While he's quarterbacking the state's top-ranked Class 5A school, he's thrown only 39 passes this season, completing 24 for 349 yards and eight touchdowns.

Center Grove's Wing-T offensive formation might be keeping Luallen's statistics in check, but not college programs' interest in him. Indiana is the only school to officially offer a scholarship, but he said he's been getting interest from the likes of Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota, Illinois, Duke and Stanford.

"It's an awesome experience to go through," Luallen said. "It comes along once in a lifetime, and to be able to experience it is really neat. It makes you feel like you're doing something right."

Indiana took notice of Luallen after seeing his freshman and junior tape, and then were ready to offer a scholarship after he shined at IU's team camp this past summer. Luallen was especially impressive during a 7-on-7 evening "Under the Lights" session at Memorial Stadium, when a couple of staff members marveled at his play.

"Coach Billy Lynch told me I had the best performance that they'd ever seen," Luallen said.

A scholarship offer came soon afterwards, and Luallen has been taking a very close look at the Hoosier program ever since. He said he's long followed the IU program, but he's made four unofficial visits to Bloomington since he received the scholarship offer over the summer. That's included two trips to IU games, including for Saturday's 40-20 win over Minnesota.

Luallen said he's already developing strong relationships with his recruiting coach, Billy Lynch, as well as Head Coach Bill Lynch and Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Matt Canada. He's also developed a strong affinity for the program as well as the university.

"I love IU," Luallen said. "I love their coaching staff. Coach Canada and Coach Billy Lynch and Coach Lynch are great guys. They're the three I know best. I love the campus, I love the stadium, everything. The new addition is going ot be amazing. I love everything about IU.

"Having lived in Indiana, I've always followed IU football, even when they weren't that great. Now they are getting really good and are on a hot streak, and everyone is paying attention to them. But I've always paid attention to them. I've always had a thing for IU. I'm very interested in IU."

The interest is mutual. Luallen said he's talked with Canada during the summer camp as well as during his unofficial visits, and he's elaborated on what he likes about the '09 recruit.

"The said they can see I have a lot of talent and a lot of the intangibles for a quarterback," Luallen said. "Coach Canada mentioned my arm strength and my ability to anticipate people getting open. They also like that I can run the ball well. They think I fit in their offense well since that's what Kellen Lewis does. I'm not saying I'm Kellen Lewis because I'm no where near Kellen Lewis, but the fact I can run like he does is something they like."

Indiana might be first and foremost on Luallen's mind right now since it was the first to offer, but his recruitment figured to get much more hotly contested as more offers come rolling in. But he said he won't get wowed by a "name" school, and will instead look at the total package that a program has to offer.

"The first thing I want to have is a comfort level in the school, around the campus and with the coaches," Luallen said. "Also, football is only going to take me so far in life, so I want to see how the coaching staff will help me succeed after football how they'll help me grow as a man.

"Those are the big things. Also, I'm a religious kid, so that would be a big part in my decision, if the coaching staff and the people around the program have Christian backgrounds. I'm not saying they all have to be Christians, but they have good morals. That will be important."

Winning, of course, doesn't hurt. But that's not going to be the deciding factor by any means.

"(Indiana's fast start this season) does help a little, but success isn't necessarily what I'm looking at," Luallen said. "It helps because it's nice to see the program is going in the right direction, but the mere fact of success isn't what I'm looking for.

"If I like what the school has and they're not very successful, that's okay so long as I'm comfortable there. But with IU being successful, it certainly doesn't hurt them." Top Stories