Blow By Blow Account of Hoosier Hysteria

Bloomington, Ind. - From the recruits that were on hand to the player introductions to the results of the 3-point shooting contest, the dunk contest and the men's 10-minute scrimmage,'s recount of what unfolded Saturday night...

7:30 - Word comes from IU officials that IU freshmen Eli Holman has been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

8:20 With women's volleyball down two games to none, IU recruits as well as fans are filtering in. Presently, Ray McCallum, Jr. Stephan Van Teeese, Nolan Dennis, Jordan Prosser, Kevin Jones, P'shon Howard and Kevin Elston are among the recruits I can see are seated with Coach Jeff Meyer in the bleachers on the south side. Seated above them are all of IU's players in preparation for the start of Hoosier Hysteria. The crowd, meanwhile, is filling up the lower bowl, with it about 2/3 full.

8:35 Devin Ebanks is also among the recruits seated with the IU players. He has spent a great deal of time talking with Dexter Strickland.

8:40 Women's volleyball match comes to a close with IU losing to Michigan State three games to none. Volleyball net and sidelines are removed, baskets wheeled in and put into place in preparation for the sport of Hoosier Hysteria. Thirty minutes is put onto the clock.

8:46 Fans begin chanting a few of the recruits names…they start with Kevin Jones, and follow it up with Devin Ebanks..

8:56 With cheerleaders in place, and IU highlights on display from a year ago, fans begin the wave.

9:05 the Assembly Hall lights go dark and the IU women's team is introduced. The introductions are capped by Coach Felisha Legette-Jack, who danced her way to center court, greeted her team and then addressed the crowd. She implored the crowd to "show me what you've got." She caps it by asking the crowd to "come with us" and help her program in its quest to become a factor in the Big Ten.

9:15 Event announcer Jeremy Gray takes the mike and asks, "Who is ready for basketball season?" The women's team then begins going through lay-up drills, the and the 30-minute clock begins counting down in preparation

9:21 Devin Ebanks, Lance Stephenson and Dexter Strickland make their way from the court together, presumably to go to the IU locker room. IU Coach Kelvin Sampson, who is watching the women's drills form the northeast corner greets them as they walk by. Sampson is also talking with former IU walk-on Jason Stewart, who is in town for the event.

9:37 3-point shooting contest gets underway for the women. Nikki Smith opens by scoring 16 points in the competition, a total that wasn't equaled by the rest of the women's competitors. Smith and Jamie Braun tie 14-14 in the women's final, prompting a 25 second playoff. Both go cold in the shoot off, with Braun winning 3-1 to advance to a shoot-off against the men's winner.

9:46 Lights go dark in preparation for the men's introductions.

9:48 Lance Bennett comes to the floor and does a short rap before the introductions.

9:52 The crowd begins chanting "Eric Gordon" again, as he is in the northeast corner. Gordon's IU teammates begin chanting his name as well.

9:53 Player introductions begin. The first out is Gordon, who's greeted by a huge ovation. He's followed by fellow freshmen Eli Holman, Brandon McGee, Brett Finkelmeier, Jordan Crawford. Next up is sophomore Armon Bassett, then junior DeAndre Thomas and Jamarcus Ellis. Ellis implores the crowd to cheer him on, and they answer his call. He's followed by Kyle Taber, Mike White, Adam Ahlfeld. Next is co-captain Lance Stemler. Then is A.J. Ratliff, who's cheer is arguably as loud as Eric Gordon's. Finally is D.J. White, who undoubtedly draws the biggest ovation. His teammates drop to their knees and bow to the team's senior co-captain.

9:59 IU staff is introduced. Sampson is last out, and the lights go back on.

10:01 Sampson address the crowd. He's drowned out by chants of "Kelvin Sampson" for a minute before the crowd quiets. Sampson singles out two of his players. The first is Eli Holman, who was officially granted his eligibility Friday at approximately 5 p.m. Next up is DeAndre Thomas, for the "persistence and hard work" that he put in. Sampson said he started at 350-plus pounds, and this morning he weighed 298. He then talks briefly about the women's team as well as IU's football game against Michigan State Saturday.

10:05 Sampson blows his whistle to begin "lay-up drills", which is basically a dunk contest. Gordon misses his first dunk and draws a laugh from Sampson, but Crawford follows with a 360 to get the crowd worked up. Gordon's next trip down the floor ends when he takes the ball down to his knees and does a successful reverse.

10:08 Team goes through the three-man weave, followed by some 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 fastbreak possessions. Next up is a few loose ball and charge drills, in which Sampson rolls the ball on the floor and IU's players dive for the ball and then feed it to someone who goes in for a lay-up or dunk.

10:20 IU starts a 10-minute scrimmage. DeAndre Thomas scores the first basket on a 16-foot jumper for the Cream team, which consists of Thomas, Holman, Bassett, McGee, Gordon and Ahlfeld. The Crimson includes Crawford, Ratliff, Stemler, White, Taber, Finkelmeier and Ellis. Gordon scores his first basket on a big fastbreak dunk that puts the Cream up 11-2, and adds his first three a minute later to put them up 14-6. Gordon adds a highlight pass in transition, hitting Holman on the break for a bucket. The Cream wins 24-15, led by Gordon's nine points. Brandon McGee adds five while Bassett and Thomas each score four. For the Crimson, Ratliff and Stemler each knock down a pair of 3-pointers and score six points.

10:31 Men's 3-point contest begins. Round 1: Stemler defeats Ratliff 12-8; Gordon defeats Bassett 20-16; Crawford defeats White 15-13. In second round (winner faces Gordon in final), Bassett defeats Crawford 21-20 by hitting his final "money ball" 3-pointer at the buzzer. In the final – and a rematch of a round-one encounter – Bassett tops Gordon 16-15.

10:42 The women's champion and the men's champion meet in the final – Armon Bassett vs.Jamie Braun. Bassett jumps to a lead by hitting three of his first five shots and tops Braun 10-8.

10:45 Dunk contest about to begin, with A.J. Ratliff being the two-time defending champion. Crawford begins by throwing the ball off the scoreboard that hovers over center court, catching it off one bounce for the dunk and earns a 26. Next up is Gordon, who catches his own pass along the baseline and throws down a tomahawk and gets a 27.

McGee follows by tossing it off the shot block and dunks it for a 27. Holman then goes the length of the court and dunks – 22. Bassett – unsure what his score was, but it was in the low 20s. DeAndre Thomas tries to bow out of the competition, but is coaxed into competing by announcer Jeremy Gray. He throws it off the glass and catches it with one hand and dunks for a 23.

In the second round of attempts, Crawford drives baseline and goes between his legs for a 27. Gordon then bounces it off the floor and then off the glass and tries a windmill, which he misses. He's given a second chance and tries a Michael Jordan baseline drive where he cups it but misses and gets a 16. McGee follows with a 25, Holman passes on his second attempt and bows out. Bassett hoists a shot from the wing, catches it and tries a 180 and misses twice, scoring a 15. Thomas completes the round with a basic dunk and gets a 21. Holman winds up coming back for his second attempt at Sampson's coaxing and gets the crowd to its feet. He takes off from about 3-4 feet inside the free-throw line and converts the dunk.

Crawford and McGee advance to the finals, with one dunk apiece. Crawford goes first and hoists the shot, leaps over the ball rack catches it and converts for a perfect 30. McGee then leaps the ball rack as well and gets a 27, and Crawford is crowned the champion.

Crawford finishes things off with an encore, flipping it back over his head, catching it in the air, and dunking.

10:58 Hoosier hysteria concludes with the IU band playing the IU fight song. Top Stories