Lynch Family Growing...Quickly

On Monday, Bill Lynch welcomed a new grandchild to the family when his son, IU assistant Billy Lynch, and his wife had their second child. But that's just the first a trio of additions expected soon...

Bloomington, Ind. – This is just the start for Bill Lynch.

On Monday, the Hoosier head coach welcomed the arrival of his fourth grand child to the family when his son, IU assistant coach Billy, and his wife, Carla, gave birth to a nine-pound, three-ounce boy. Soon after the conclusion of his weekly radio show, the elder Lynch departed and headed to Bloomington Hospital to see his new grandson, Max, for the first time.

But that was just the beginning for Lynch. In the next month, he'll be welcoming a sixth and seventh grandchild to the family as well. Lynch's second youngest son, Joey, and his wife Danielle are expecting their first child any day, and his daughter, Kelly, and her husband will have their third child within the month.

Coincidence? Not at all, according to Billy.

The Hoosiers' wide receiver coach said his wife, his sister and his sister-in-law were commiserating about how dismal pregnancy is, so the three came up with a way to get through it.


"It was 100 percent planned," Billy said. "They all were complaining about how miserable it is being pregnant, and they said we might as well be miserable together."

They did just that, and then shared in their misery together in July at the family's lake house. They made it through the summer months, and now the Lynch family is growing rapidly.

"They're going to be bang, bang, bang here," said Billy.

For Billy it's his second child, joining one-year-old daughter Lindsey. Max was born just two days after IU's win over Minnesota, and on a scheduled off-day for the football program.

That also wasn't by happenstance.

Lynch's wife, Carla, was scheduled to have a C-section, which gave the couple some flexibility in scheduling the delivery. With that in mind, only one day made sense.

"She asked what day of the week is best, and I said Monday because that's the non-practice day," Billy said.

While Monday is an off-day from the practice field, it's still an important day for the coaching staff. By then the coaches have turned the page on Saturday's game and are in the midst of preparation for the upcoming foe. That was no different this week, as Indiana's coaching staff was gearing up for the road trip to East Lansing.

Billy might have been at the hospital waiting on the birth of his second child, but he wasn't about to leave his work behind and be forced to play catch-up after his son's birth.

"He actually took his scripts to the hospital while his wife was waiting to have the baby," said one of Billy's position players, Andrew Means. "I don't know if she was happy about that or not."

Billy said his wife was aware that he had work with him, and he said he didn't delve into his Spartan preparation until after Max was born and mother and son fell asleep.

"I have my priorities in the right place and I was there for everything, of course," Billy said. "But it is Monday, and that's putting in the game plan and scripting and all that. So I made sure I got my work done, too."

Thanks to some good fortune and effective scheduling, everything fell into place and went according to plan. Mother and son are doing well, and Billy is back with the team and focused on helping IU to a third straight road win.

But in the midst of practice and preparation, Lynch has been taking some ribbing from co-workers as well as from some his position players about his newborn's size.

"Our daughter was eight pounds, and Carla said Lindsey felt heavier," Billy said. "And then Max was nine pounds, three ounces. We don't usually have big babies in our family, so maybe he broke the gene code and we'll get some size out of him."

Time will tell if Max will be better suited to be wideout or a fullback, but with his birth now behind them, Billy's attention has turned squarely to the Spartans.

And as for his father, Bill? He's doing the same…and getting ready for the next grandchild.

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