Zeller Reveals the Latest

With his four official visits in the books, the only thing left for Tyler Zeller is to make his decision. Will it be Indiana, North Carolina, Purdue or Notre Dame? Zeller talks about his decision-making process, as well as the recent news of improper phone calls by the IU staff...

Bloomington, Ind. – The fact of the matter is Tyler Zeller has decided where he's going to school…a couple of times.

The 6'11," 220-pound forward from Washington, Ind., admits he's sat down more than once with the goal of answering the question, "if I had to decide today, I'd be headed to…"

The problem is the answer hasn't always been the same.

"I have done that," said Zeller about trying to come to a hypothetical decision in previous months. "I'll sit down and decide on a school and it will be that way for a week, and then I'll take a visit or something will happen and it will change. I'm able to find one school I can pick at a point in time, and now I just have to find a school I can permanently stay with."

One thing Zeller does know is that his decision will be one of four schools – North Carolina, Indiana, Notre Dame or Purdue. Scout.com's 16th-ranked player in the 2008 class recently concluded his fourth and final official visit, with that trip coming to West Lafayette where he got a first-hand look at what Matt Painter's Purdue program has to offer.

While there's nothing left to see, Zeller said Sunday night there's still some time before he plans on making his college announcement.

"It will probably be a week and a half, at least," Zeller said. "I'm hoping I can get it done before the 5th of November because that's when we start practice. But definitely by the Nov. 14-23 signing period."

So where does Indiana stand? Some in IU circles feared the recent news of recruiting violations and self-imposed sanctions would sour Zeller on the Hoosier program. But he said that's not the case.

Zeller said IU Coach Kelvin Sampson tried to call him last Sunday – the day the sanctions were announced – but wasn't able to make contact because he was on his Notre Dame visit. They then talked Monday, and Zeller said he's comfortable with what the IU coach had to say and still has the Hoosier program in the running.

"It really doesn't (affect my decision)," Zeller said. "From what it looks like it's not going to turn out too bad. They lost one scholarship…but the one scholarship was probably Bud Mackey's who from what it looks like they were going to lose anyway. So it doesn't look like it's going to be too bad."

With Indiana still in contention, Zeller finds himself with four viable options and a timetable that's winding down by the day.

"Every time you think about it, you always contradict yourself," Zeller said. "You say this school is good in this, but this school is better at this. It makes it very tough, because there are so many good things about each of the schools. I'm not sure how I'm going to figure things out yet."

As he tries to come to a decision, he continues to have plenty of interested on-lookers. Zeller said the attention he gets from fellow students at school isn't too bad, but there are plenty of people from his hometown who will see him and inquire about where he's headed.

"Everyone (around town) has a different opinion," Zeller said. "We've got 12,000 people in town so everyone kind of knows everybody. They all have their opinions. There are IU alums, Purdue alums, whoever, and they'll talk about whoever they're a fan of."

Zeller is a fan of all four, but knows he's going to have to disappoint three of the coaches in the not-too-distant future when he does bring things to an end.

"I could see myself going to any of them," Zeller said. "Hopefully I can figure everything out and find the best school for me."

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