Holloway Talks About Mackey's Arrival

The irony of the situation isn't lost on Terrell Holloway. Bud Mackey was supposed to be the point guard headed to Bloomington as a member of IU's 2008 recruiting class, but his legal troubles opened the door for Holloway. Now, the two are teammates at Harmony Prep, and Holloway talked about the situation...

The irony of the situation isn't lost on Terrell Holloway.

Three and a half months ago, Bud Mackey was the point guard headed to Bloomington as a member of IU's 2008 recruiting class. But after Mackey's arrest on drug charges in late September IU severed its ties with the Georgetown, Ky., product and scrambled to find point guard help elsewhere.

The Hoosiers turned to Holloway, a 6'0", 175-pounder from Hempstead, N.Y. Despite IU's late arrival on the recruiting scene, it managed to out-duel Tennessee for Holloway's services, and he was one of four players to sign in November.

Holloway is now enrolled at Harmony Prep in Cincinnati, where he's averaging 15 points and nine assists on a team that's off to a 9-1 start. He plays on a talent-laden team that has plenty of other Division I caliber prospects… including Mackey.

After Mackey's arrest he was expelled from Scott County H.S., a school that he'd led to a state championship in basketball last spring. Rumors circulated that Mackey intended to transfer to Redan H.S. in Stone Mountain, Ga., but that move never materialized.

Instead, Mackey has landed at Harmony Prep with the hopes of re-kindling his basketball career. Holloway said Mackey's first day of school and practice was Monday.

"I heard about a month ago it might be happening, but I didn't know how true it was," Holloway said. "But now it's happened."

Holloway said he didn't know Mackey, but he was familiar with Mackey's situation. In late September, Mackey was arrested for possession of crack cocaine outside Scott County H.S. He was subsequently released on bond, and is now facing drug trafficking charges. His case has been sent to the grand jury, although no timetable has been set for a trial.

Mackey is hoping for a positive outcome, and then for a chance to play Division I college basketball as early as next fall. With that goal in mind, he'll spend the next three months playing alongside Holloway, the person who wound up taking the scholarship left behind in the wake of his troubles.

"It's pretty crazy," said Holloway. "And it's even crazier that he's here now. Before it was just that Bud Mackey was supposed to be going to Indiana and now I'm going there, and that's all it was. But now he's here."

He's there, and Holloway said Mackey will likely be a very important part of the team's success. Holloway will continue to be the team's point guard, but Mackey is a versatile player who can step in and play any of the perimeter spots on the floor.

"I think he'll have a big role," Holloway said. "They way we play, there isn't just one guy we depend on. Anyone can be the leading scorer on any night. So he might lead us one game, and someone else the next game. That's the way our team is put together."

For the time being, Holloway's relationship with Mackey will be one as teammates. With the two not knowing each other before Mackey's arrival this week, Holloway said he'll likely steer clear of asking too many questions about his teammate's legal situation.

"With me not really knowing him that well, I'll probably leave it alone," Holloway said. "But if it was someone I knew better, I'm sure I'd talk to them about it."

Maybe the time will come that Holloway and Mackey are able to confide in each other about Mackey's situation and the strange twists and turns that have resulted in them suddenly being teammates. For now, Holloway will concern himself with his Harmony Prep team, one that figures to be even better now that Mackey is there as well.

"I think (Mackey joining the team) will be okay because he's a talented kid and he plays hard," Holloway said. "That's what matters most."

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