IU Withholding Judgment...For Now

Four months ago, Kelvin Sampson said he "knows what he knows" in regards to allegations that he participated in some impermissible three-way phone calls. The NCAA and IU AD Rick Greenspan appear to be making it clear that they don't necessarily like what the second-year coach knew...

Bloomington, Ind. – Kelvin Sampson is Indisna'a basketball coach…at least for now.

In the wake of the NCAA's report on possible major recruiting violations by the IU basketball program, IU Athletics Director Rick Greenspan confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the embattled basketball coach is expected to be on the sidelines for tonight's 7 p.m. matchup with Wisconsin, and that he expects him be with the team for the foreseeable future.

But Greenspan also made it clear he isn't looking too far into the future.

Instead he said IU officials will review the 14-page Notice of Infractions that it he received from the NCAA on Friday, the university will respond within the allotted 90 days, and IU will then determine its course of action at a future date.

But Greenspan admitted to being tremendously disappointed and concerned with the situation that he finds his basketball program in.

"I will say that…I am personally and professionally and profoundly disappointed that there is even a hint of inappropriate behavior," Greenspan said.

The nuts and bolts of the NCAA's report were similar to the Ice Miller report that IU released in October when it originally detailed a number of excessive phone calls made by Sampson's staff and a handful of improper three-way phone calls involving Sampson and then IU Assistant Rob Senderoff. But the report also provided specifics to some of the three-way phone calls that raised serious questions about Sampson's claim of being an unknowing participant in those three-way phone calls.

In the wording of the report, the NCAA made it clear that it didn't believe Sampson's suggestion, instead saying that he "knowingly" participated in the three-way calls and that he later misled investigators when asked about the subject.

That appears to be the issue that could land IU in the most trouble with the NCAA, and it also appears to be the issue that concerns Greenspan the most in regards to Sampson's future with the program.

"The heart of the matter is who was present, who was aware of, and what degree of knowledge there was that violations of sanctions – and that's primarily what we're talking about – occurred," Greenspan said.

Greenspan said Sampson had a team meeting this morning to alert them to the release of the report, and that he's talked with him as recently as this morning about the situation. He said Sampson understands the seriousness of the issue.

"I think he understands the significant implications of these allegations," Greenspan said. "These are not allegations brought forward lightly, he knows these aren't allegations to be seen in a casual or frivolous way or in a way that doesn't command the full force and attention of our university."

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