Holloway Trying to Figure Out What's Next

Class of '08 signee Terrell Holloway has talked to fellow recruit Devin Ebanks as well as IU Assistant Coach Jeff Meyer about the Hoosier basketball program's situation, and he shares his thoughts on the future...

Bloomington, Ind. – Terrell Holloway is waiting…and hoping.

As one of the four members of IU's 2008 recruiting class, the Hempstead, N.Y., native signed a national letter of intent to play for Coach Kelvin Sampson beginning next fall. But in the wake of the program's recent NCAA troubles, it's starting to look like a long shot that Sampson will be back in the fall.

Holloway said he's talked to IU Assistant Coach Jeff Meyer a couple of times since the news first broke last week, and he's paid close attention to the latest developments on television as well. He's hopeful he'll still get a chance to play at IU for Sampson.

"For me, I made a pledge to come to IU, so the best thing I can hope for is Coach Sampson is still there," Holloway said.

He said his conversations with Meyer have been helpful, although the Hoosier assistant can't provide any sort of clarity about what's going to unfold, either.

"As a recruit, he's telling me to hold on tight, we can get through this situation," Holloway said.

That chance, though, appears to be remote. On Friday, IU launched a seven-day investigation into the additional claims of wrongdoing made by the NCAA in its Notice of Allegations, and IU AD Rick Greenspan is expected to give President Michael McRobbie a recommendation on Sampson's future in five days. Most expect Greenspan to recommend a coaching change.

If that is what happens, Holloway and fellow '08 recruits Matt Roth, Tom Pritchard and Devin Ebanks will have to decide whether or not to honor their letter of intent, or request a release to look into other possibilities.

Holloway admits those are things he might have to start thinking about.

"It's crossed my mind, but I haven't thought too much about it yet," Holloway said. "I'm not thinking about any other schools right now. I made a pledge to go to IU, so I'm pretty comfortable with that decision I made. Right now I'm just focused on Indiana University."

Will that still be the case if IU makes a coaching change? Holloway said he wants to play for Sampson, but he wouldn't rule out still coming to Bloomington if someone else is in charge.

"Possibly," Holloway said. "I could still see myself playing at Indiana."

Holloway is facing the same sort of questions that Ebanks, Roth and Pritchard are, and he said he's exchanged text messages with Ebanks about the situation. Like him, Ebanks is also taking a wait-and-see approach.

"We're in the same boat," Holloway said of Ebanks. "We basically have the same things to say. We don't know what's going to happen. We'll just try to stay strong and hope Coach Sampson can get through it."

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