Holloway Pondering Whether to Stay or Go

Terrell Holloway and Devin Ebanks both reportedly have "outs" in their IU letters of intent that they could exercise now that Kelvin Sampson has resigned. Holloway talked to HoosierNation.com Wednesday night about whether or not he and Ebanks will look elsewhere - or if they might still wind up at IU...

Bloomington, Ind. – Terrell Holloway is one relieved recruit.

Like a lot of people, the 6-0, 175-pound point guard from Hempstead, N.Y., is still trying to absorb the news of Kelvin Sampson's resignation. Holloway was one of four players to sign a national letter of intent to attend IU in the fall, and one of the reasons he chose the Hoosiers was the opportunity to play for Sampson.

Now that Sampson is gone, Holloway is relieved to know his options will once again be open. While Holloway said he didn't specially request an "out" in his letter of intent, both he and fellow New Yorker Devin Ebanks reportedly have the option to be released and explore other options.

"I would say I'm relieved to have the option (to go elsewhere) because no one wants to be in a situation they're forced into," Holloway said Wednesday night. "Now I have the opportunity to get out and explore other things."

Some have speculated that Holloway is undoubtedly headed elsewhere, but he said that isn't true. He said he hasn't been contacted by any schools since Sampson's resignation, and if IU gets a new coach in place and he feels comfortable with his style he could still see himself in an IU uniform.

"I could still definitely see myself going to Indiana," Holloway said. "People might have thought (I wasn't going to Indiana) because of the coach being gone – I guess that's how they arrived at the idea that I wasn't going there. They can believe what they want, but depending on what happens with the new coach, I could still wind up going there."

One of the reasons Holloway said he might still wind up in Bloomington is the fact that more than just Sampson went into his decision to sign with IU. While his success at Oklahoma and IU played a role, it was also just one of the items that swayed Holloway in the first place.

"I really don't know that there was one reason (why I picked IU), but a lot of reasons," Holloway said. "He's a great coach, and it's a great school with great tradition. All of those things played a part in me committing there."

So now, Holloway will sit and wait to see what happens. He said he talked to IU Assistant Coach Jeff Meyer Saturday following Sampson's resignation to find out the particulars of what was unfolding, and he's prepared to be patient before coming to any conclusions on where he'll be next fall.

"My plan is to be patient," Holloway said. "I want to see what's going to happen there, who the coach will be, and if they fit my style of play. I'll probably have to talk to them and see if I'm comfortable with them."

With the spring signing period still about seven weeks away (it begins April 16), Indiana figures to have an opportunity to get a coach in place before Holloway would become fair game to other schools. That figures to be an important to do item for IU's administration if it hopes to have a chance at keeping Holloway and Ebanks bound for Bloomington.

"I think it's pretty important (to get someone in place before the spring signing period)," Holloway said. "I'm still signed, but I need to know who the coach is going to be before I know if I'm still going to got there."

Holloway said he's spoken with fellow New Yorker Devin Ebanks a couple of times about what their plans are, and Holloway Ebanks is in the same position.

"I've spoken with Devin, and he pretty much feels the same way," Holloway said. "He's not telling me he's staying, but he's not telling he's going to get out, either."

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