Walker Eyes Another Weekend For IU Visit

Demetrius Walker's plans for an IU unofficial visit were thwarted over the weekend. Walker talks about another possible time to come to Bloomington, and when he's thinking about making a college choice...

Bloomington – Demetrius Walker's plans for an unofficial visit to IU were thwarted over the weekend, and now a commitment doesn't appear likely anytime soon.

The 6'3", 190-pound from San Juan Capistrano, Cal., had plans to meet with Coach Tom Crean after his So Cal All-Star team was bounced from the Adidas May Classic AAU Tournament last weekend. But when his team managed to catch an earlier flight home, Walker's plans to get a closer look at the Hoosier program were thwarted.

"It was very frustrating because the thing I was looking forward to the most going out there was to be able to go on that visit," Walker said. "I really wanted to see the campus and see what's going on behind the scenes."

While that opportunity didn't present itself on Monday, Walker said he hopes to make a visit to Bloomington in the next couple of weeks. He said his AAU team is not going to be participating in the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in Durham, N.C., the weekend of May 23-25, and he may very well use that weekend to make a return trip to Bloomington.

Despite the change of plans for his visit, Walker said Indiana is still his No. 1 choice. A commitment, though, doesn't appear to be as imminent as it sounded over the weekend. Walker said that it could very well be into the summer months before he makes his college choice.

"Probably in a month and half, two months me and my mom will sit down and have a full blown conversation about where I'll be attending after my senior year," Walker said. "But as of right now, Indiana is my No. 1 choice."

Before Walker makes his decision, he says he wants to get a better feel for what the IU program is all about. One of the issues facing the Hoosiers right now is the allegations of NCAA violations committed during Kelvin Sampson's tenure, and that's an issue Walker wants to see play out.

"I care (about the NCAA allegations) but I don't really care, because it's a great program and it's a great state and that's where I'd really like to go to school," Walker said. "But if it's where we can't go to the tournament for two years I'd have to look elsewhere because that's what I really want to do – make it that highest level."

At this point a heavy-handed punishment from the NCAA appears unlikely, which would appear to bode well for the Hoosiers in their pursuit of Walker. Walker has spoke glowingly as of late about the IU program, and Coach Tom Crean is a big reason for that.

"Coach Crean is a very positive person, and he loves his guards," Walker said. "He's a guards coach, and that's what I want to play for. What more could you ask for?"

That might be enough to elevate the IU program in Walker's eyes, but he says there's more to his affinity for the program than just the head coach. While he didn't get to sit down with Crean during his weekend in Bloomington, he did get a feel for how big basketball is in the state of Indiana.

"It's a basketball state, a basketball school, and the state of Indiana just adapts to their basketball program," Walker said. "They live and die with basketball."

Walker said it's also a different style of play than what he's grown up with in California. Out west, Walker said players are much more prone to play up-and-down basketball, while the Midwestern brand that he's seen is a little more disciplined.

"Being from California, we're more of an up and down state, and Indiana is more of a grind it out type state," Walker said. "I know if I have the up and down type of game in my repertoire of skills, I know with going to Indiana, being able to add the slow it down type game, if I decide to go to the NBA, I can make it in whatever type of system I'm in."

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