HoosierNation Question and Answer - Part II

HoosierNation.com answers your questions about recruiting, scheduling, impact freshmen, and a whole lot more in our most recent Question and Answer session...

Q: What is the likelihood of landing Jamil Wilson and/or Christian Watford?

A: It's virtually impossible give a definitive answer on this. Both are elite recruits who will be recruited on a national scale. With that said, I think IU has its foot in the door with both, which about all you can ask at this point. Watford said last week that he would take one of his five official visits to IU, and he's known IU assistant coach Bennie Seltzer for a couple of years. That's going to help IU's cause a great deal. As for Wilson, he really built a good bond with Crean when he was at Marquette, and they quickly re-connected once Crean arrived at IU. So I think IU's got a chance with both. I'd list both in the "possible" category, as opposed to definite, probable, doubtful and impossible.

Q: What is up with SVT? And who are we looking at, that we may not know about, in the ‘08 class? How many schollies are we looking to fill for that class? Is Little Ray done with IU?

A: I don't think Stephan Van Treese is in any hurry to make a decision. I expect him to take visits and let this play out before coming to a decision. I think he likes IU a great deal, but I also think there's a lot he likes about his other finalists – UCLA and Kansas in particular. So I wouldn't expect a decision from him anytime soon.

As for who else IU is looking at for the '08 class, they're still waiting on Sutton, who should make his decision any day. The end of the spring signing period is Wednesday, so it could happen any day. I would expect IU to make a strong a push for Emmanuel Negedu as well if he's released from Arizona. He has Bloomington ties and knows IU players Matt Roth, Daniel Moore and Kory Barnett.

As for Ray McCallum, Jr., and IU, I'd think it's probably a long shot since he'll be headed to Michigan in the fall. He was in Bloomington for the AMC last weekend and had plenty of people still mentioning IU to him, but the Eli Holman to Detroit story won't do much to improve IU's relationship with Ray Sr. and vice versa.

Q: Can you give me the winning powerball numbers for Wednesday's draw?

A. 19-21-29-32-46-32. Who says you don't get your money's worth with a subscription to HoosierNation.com??!!

Q: John have you had a chance to see any of the 08 or 09 recruits play?

A. I have…I've seen Matt Roth, Tom Pritchard, Bobby Capobianco and Derek Elston. I also saw Maurice Sutton last weekend. All look like players who can do some very good things at the collegiate level. Elston is a player who really jumped out to me at the Top 100 Showcase a couple of weeks ago. He's a gifted offensive player – he can put it on the floor, shoot from the perimeter, and finish inside. He plays extremely hard and crashes the board and I thought he was the most impressive player I saw there that day. That's not small feat, since Van Treese, Dominique Ferguson, Colt Ryan, Jordan Hulls, etc., were among the other really talented players in attendance. I know there's some uncertainly right now about Elston's health after Saturday's knee injury, but no matter what the injury I'd expect him to be back to 100 percent by the time he got to IU.

Q: John, anymore sleepers in 2008-09? Creek was a sleeper, at least in my book -- TC had been recruiting him for Marquette, but he was nowhere near my radar for an IU commit. Do you see any more sleepers in the 08-09 class? And, if so, which of those might IU have a good chance to land?

A: I think there's a very good chance there will be another sleeper to emerge in the 2009 class. As to who it is, well, they wouldn't be much of a surprise if I already knew! I think what you'll find is that IU's recruiting priorities will be shuffled after the 2008 class is complete, and the staff gets a chance to evaluate prospects again in July. I think the last couple of months has been a matter of reconnecting with some of the former IU recruits as well as seeing which of the one-time Marquette targets might be interested in coming to IU. Now, they'll be able to do an evaluation of the 2009 class again, and I think you'll see some new names surface later this summer.

Q: I have been less than happy about the number of patsies on IU schedule. The tougher the opponent, the more I look forward to the game. Even this coming year, I hope we don't try and schedule down to our situation. Would be curious as to TC's wishes regarding strength of schedule.

A: Actually, I asked him about that when we sat down for a one-on-one last month. I don't think I ever used his comments on the subject, so I'll just let you read what he said:

"I think we'll follow the lead of what's going on here with Rick Greenspan, and I think Senior Associate AD Tim Fitzpatrick has done a really good job in that area. I think we share similar philosophies. That was talked about when we visited about this job, because there are similarities with the 18 league games. This was the first time we'd gone through this in the Big East.

"Exempt tournaments are a big part of what you want to do. Home-and-home with people that's either a tradition-filled game, a rivalry type game or a made-for-TV game with the potential if you need to do something for recruiting that you've got that out there. And give your fans an opportunity to see the home games. A home game at Assembly Hall is quite lucrative for everyone. There's a lot of thrills to it, a lot of excitement to it, and a lot of revenue for the athletic department.

"We won't go on the road just to go on the road. We'll go on the road with a real feel for television, rivalry or recruiting."

Q: It is widely known that TC has always run a guard-heavy lineup and hasn't had many classic back to the basket elite big men. Do you think that is due to the fact that he was recruiting at Marquette or that this is his overriding coaching philosophy? Do you think he will go after more elite inside talent and if he does, is he the type of coach that strikes you as open to adjusting his style and philosophies?

A: I have little doubt that he'll pursue elite big men at IU, and have plenty of success doing that. I think he has had tremendous success in recruiting and developing guards, evidenced by the likes of Dwyane Wade, Dominic James, Jerel McNeal and Travis Diener. That sort of feeds itself – Wade had success, which helped attract other top guards.

Q: Which incoming freshman do you see making the biggest impact for next year's team?

A: I'd say Nick Williams. I think he's versatile enough to play a couple of different spots on the floor, and could play on the inside some depending on how many big men IU actually has on the roster. I expect all the freshmen to play significant minutes, but of the freshmen who have signed thus far, Williams seems the most likely to make a big impact immediately.

Q: What is the status of Edgar Garibay?

A: I haven't heard much talk about him as of late, and the last time I talked to his coach there didn't appear to me much going on with IU at that point. So I'd think the chances are remote there.

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