Hoosiers Rock Solid With Rock

It didn't take Indiana long to figure out it wanted Fritz Rock as part of its 2009 recruiting class. The 6-1, 190-pound wideout from Minnesota has the Hoosiers among his top five, and is hoping to make another trip to town in the coming weeks...

Bloomington –Fritz Rock admits it was a holiday when he received a scholarship offer from Indiana.


Shortly after wrapping up its 2008 recruiting class, Indiana extended scholarship offers to a select number of '09 targets, including the 6-1, 190-pound three-star wideout from Plymouth (Minn.) Wayzata H.S. Indiana's offer became official on Feb. 14 – Valentine's Day.

"From talking to Coach (Billy) Lynch, I was one of the first two or three receivers they offered from day one, and I feel good about that," Rock said.

There's plenty to love about Rock, Scout.com's 117th-ranked wide receiver nationally. Despite nursing a sore groin, he turned in a couple of All-Combine performances at the Scout.com event in Kansas City as well as the Nike Camp in Utah, which has prompted even more recruiting attention as of late.

"Coaches say they like my versatility, that I could play inside or out," Rock said. "They like my speed and my size."

Those traits have helped him secure offers from IU, Cincinnati, Washington State, Northern Illinois and Western Michigan along with interest from plenty of others. But for the time being he's focusing on those five that have come through with an offer.

"One of the things my brother always tell me is schools can show a lot of interest, but you want to see where they stand as far as offering a scholarship," Rock said.

Indiana is among those that has come through with that offer, which is why Rock is giving very serious consideration to the Hoosiers. He was in Bloomington along with his brother Patrick (who is his legal guardian) in the spring, and he's hoping to make a return trip later this summer.

"We got to do an academic tour of the school and campus, and then we watched a full day of practice, meetings and everything," Rock said.

Indiana's staff has remained in close contact since, and Rock says there's plenty for him to like about what the Hoosier program has to offer.

"Their coaching staff seems really upbeat," Rock said. "They have a young receivers coach who played the game and understands the game, and that's always good. Then with Coach (Matt) Canada, I like the offense they run and they're going to run it as long as he's at the helm. He said they're going to throw the ball – throw, throw, throw – and they need playmakers. I fit that mold."

The Hoosiers are also promoting the fact that they've been able to turn things around in the last couple of years, and that bigger things are ahead.

"You look at where they were before and where are they headed," Rock said. "After last year, they're looking to build on that. Then with the facilities, the whole new addition at the north end zone, they're hoping for that to be done by the spring of 2009. The weight room. Everything.

"It can only get better for Indiana. When you put that together, and it's in Bloomington , a college town, what's there not to like?"

Rock's intentions are to head back on the road with his brother during the next two months to take another look at each of the five schools that have offered him. Once that's done, he's hoping one of the programs separates itself in his mind so he can make his decision.

"Right now they're all about the same - each school has something different to offer," Rock said. "The way I look at it is Indiana is a school that's right up there, and I definitely want to visit them between now and August.

"Ideally I'd like to decide by next month, so I can get the recruiting over so I can focus on my senior season and helping bring a state championship to our team. But if I don't feel the timing is right I'll push it to during the season, but ideally I'd like to be done next month."

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