Kiel Q&A: New Commit Talks Decision, Future

After spending some stressful days and weeks sorting out his college decision, Dusty Kiel can relax now that he's announced he's headed to IU. Kiel talked with about the decision and about his future in Bloomington...

So why was now the right day for you to make your decision?
It felt right. I committed because it was time for me to make a decision, and I liked IU a little bit better than I liked Central.

When did you let them know you were committing and what was their reaction?
I called Head Coach (Bill) Lynch, and he was really excited. He said I made his day. He told me to call Coach (Matt) Canada, and I called him and he was really excited. It was nice to hear them so excited that I committed.

I know you've worked with Coach Canada at camps in the past. What are some things he said to you that resonated, and what are some things he liked about how you play?
Coach Lynch, they all said I fit their offense with what they want to do perfectly. Whether that's being able to move around and make plays with my feet or throw it down the field, they said I can do both of it.

Your coach said you're unique in that you played defense as a sophomore and you're not afraid to run over someone if you need to?
I'm not one who's going to shy away from the contact. If I have to run around someone I can do that too. But I do like to run over people.

How difficult was it to say no to Central?
It was hard to turn those guys away, but it just felt right with Indiana so I went with it. I'm sure they'll still get a good quarterback, and Coach Jones and Coach Jenkins will do a really good job.

This is shaping up as one of IU's better recruiting classes in some time. How excited are you to be coming in with this class?
I'm really excited. I haven't been keeping up with everyone who has committed, but from what the coaches have said this is a really good class coming in, so that will be fun.

How big was the chance to play with (Columbus East) teammate Duwyce Wilson for four more years?
I'm looking forward to it, but as far as me deciding where to go, that really didn't play a factor in it.

Are you relieved to have the decision out of the way? What's the emotion right now that it's done?
I'm really relieved actually. Now I can just focus on my team and try to win a state championship.

How much was this decision weighing on you recently?
My head was spinning for the last couple of weeks. I thought about every second of the day. Where should I go, thinking about the plusses and minuses of each school, and I decided IU was the right place. Either way it was going to be good situation for me.

Did it become clear to you yesterday that IU was where you wanted to go, or was it a couple of days ago?
It was yesterday. I talked to a couple of my close friends, and we talked about if you take football out of the equation, which school would you want to go to? I thought about it and decided I really wanted to go to IU.

Was the proximity of Columbus to Bloomington much of a factor?
Not very much. It's great that my family and friends and community can see me and Duwyce at IU, but then again it would have been good to get away too. So that didn't play much of a factor in picking a school.

Your coach said you're a kid that will come in with the mindset of trying to win the starting job as quickly as you can and try to lead IU to championships. Where do you want to help take this program?
Whenever they feel comfortable with me coming in to play, I'll go there and I'll play my hardest and try to compete. If they say I'm not ready, then that's probably fine with me. I trust Coach Canada and whenever he thinks I'm ready, that's when I'll be ready. Top Stories