Farrington Knows He Still Has Plenty to Prove

Bloomington – Dylan Farrington has proven his abilities on the football field, but if he's going to play Division I next fall he's going to have to do the same thing in the classroom.

Bloomington – Dylan Farrington has proven his abilities on the football field, but if he's going to play Division I next fall he's going to have to do the same thing in the classroom.

The 6-5, 230-pound defensive end from Adrian (Mich.) H.S. is Scout.com's 87th-ranked defensive end nationally and he's wowed college coaches with his play-making abilities off the edge. He used his skills to total 90 tackles, 20 tackles for loss and eight sacks as a junior, drawing plenty of interest from programs around the Midwest.

"Coaches say they love how I can get after the quarterback," Farrington said. "They say they haven't seen many guys like me who are really fast, and I have the body where I can gain 60 pounds and still be that fast."

Those skills coupled with a big upside has resulted in scholarship offers from Indiana, Central Michigan, Akron and Bowling Green, along with interest from Michigan, Michigan State and Kansas, among others. While those are already good options to choose from, Farrington knows there's still work to be done in the classroom if he's going to be eligible to play Division I football in the fall of 2009.

"I started off as a freshman blowing by school and not caring (about academics)," Farrington said. "So I had a lot of work to do, and I'm catching up little by little. Schools want to see if my work ethic is good enough, if I've made a change."

Farrington said he realized how much work he had to do last fall, after he received his first recruiting mail. The letters started coming after his junior season came to a close, and Farrington quickly realized he'd have to buckle down academically to make his dream of playing college football a reality.

"I was thinking it was going to be a cakewalk, but then I sat down and realized I'm way below what it takes for academics," Farrington said. "I couldn't believe it. It shocked me."

As a result, Farrington has been retaking some courses and also taking summer school classes to bring up his core GPA. He realizes he's responsible for putting himself in a bad situation, but he also thinks that if he can get his academic situation straightened out playing college football will be even more rewarding to him.

"I think when I look back at all of this, I've been through hell and back," Farrington said. "I can't wait to tell my story once it happens. If I can do it, then I guarantee a lot of others who think they can't can do it also."

While he's working on his academics, Farrington is also looking closely at his college options. He's made visits to Michigan, Bowling Green, Akron and most recently Kansas during the summer months, and he's also hoping to visit Iowa before school starts this fall.

At this point, Farrington said his MAC opportunities as well as Kansas stand out.

"(The Kansas visit) was amazing," Farrington said. "It was by far the best school I've been to so far. They have brand new everything. You name it, they have it. KU has it all."

Indiana, meanwhile, has slipped in Farrington's mind because he hasn't had many conversations with the Indiana staff as of late.

" I met Coach (George) Ricumstrict and he said I'm the type of player they've been looking for, and that they wanted to offer me," Farrington said. "They said whenever I do my part, then they can do theirs."

That's a sign that Farrington's academic situation is something IU wants to watch as well, but Farrington would still like to talk to the Hoosiers more often if they're legitimately interested.

"It does knock (Indiana) down, because some of those smaller schools like Akron and Bowling Green, they make me feel special, like I'm a part of them," Farrington said. "That's how I want to feel. I want to feel that vibe like I did at the MAC schools. I felt that way at KU too."

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