Crean Looking To Add A Couple More to Roster

Tom Crean isn't done assembling his 2008-09 Indiana basketball team after all...

Tom Crean isn't done assembling his 2008-09 Indiana basketball team after all.

The Indiana staff is in the process of looking at prospective walk-ons for this year's team. The Hoosiers already have four "invited" walk-ons in Daniel Moore, Kory Barnett, Broderick Lewis and Brett Finkelmeier, and Crean said Wednesday he's open to adding two more.

Crean said his staff has already looked at a couple of potential additions and that they'll likely have a couple more workout this week. Actual walk-on tryouts could come as soon as the week of Sept. 22, which is the first time Crean will be able to work out the team together instead of in smaller groups.

"I don't want to add people just for the sake of saying we have bodies," Crean said. "I want guys who can come in and contribute. That's what we're trying to look at in our workouts. How does this person get on the floor and help us?"

Getting on the floor doesn't necessarily mean in games, but rather on the practice floor. When it comes to practice, Crean's staff is in desperate need of some size so that the couple of big men they do have actually have some big men to practice against during the course of the season.

So while heart, toughness and character are among the traits Crean is looking for during these workouts, a little bit of size doesn't hurt, either.

"I had a young man the night who said, ‘I have been thinking about trying out,'" Crean said. "I saw his size and I said, ‘No, you are trying out. No questions asked. If you're going to be 6'10", you're going to come over and let us look.'"

Crean's hope is that he can expand the current roster of 13 up to 15. While that might have a goal to two more players, though, Crean said he's only going to do it if he can find a couple of IU students who he thinks can legitimately help make the team better.

"There has to be value," Crean said. "When you get on the floor you have to bring value to the court. We're really looking for people that can make their teammates better. How do you get the ball to the open man? How do you keep the ball from getting in the lane. All those different things."

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