Coach: No Decision Yet on Muniru's New School

Bloomington – Before Bawa Muniru can decide on a college, he's going to have to settle on a prep school first. Muniru checked out Central Park Christian School Monday, but according to its coach it's not a done deal by any means that he'll wind up there...

Bloomington – Before Bawa Muniru can decide on a college, he's going to have to settle on a prep school first.

After the 6-11, 250-pounder from Ghana left Bloomington this weekend following his official visit to IU, he headed to Alabama to look into the possibility of transferring to Central Park Christian School in Birmingham, Ala.

"They came in and talked to us yesterday, but he did not enroll yet," said Central Park Christian School Coach Levan Parker. "They're looking at some other (options) I understand."

Muniru had enrolled at Charis Prep in Wilson, N.C., but last week the NCAA did not clear the school. That means the NCAA will not look at core courses, grades or graduation records at Charis Prep when determining a player's initial eligibility.

That ruling necessitated a change of location for Muniru, who has some work to do academically to be eligible next season. Parker said he sat down with Muniru and went over his transcript and gave him a sense of what he'd have to do at Central Park Christian to get eligible.

"We went over what he needs and what courses he'd have to take and what he'd have to make," Parker said. "He can get eligible if he makes the grades. It's like I was telling him – it's up to him. We have people here to tutor and help students. But he'd have to do the work."

Central Park Christian has been around for 26 years, is an accredited school, and has worked with the NCAA for years. Parker said it's worked with international students for many years, and it's had a slew of players move to successful careers in college. Among those who have played at Central Park Christian are former Hoosier Marco Killingsworth, Rod Grizzard (Alabama), Victor Gomez (Evansville) and James Lang, who bypassed college and went to the NBA.

"It's a smaller school situation," Parker said. "You get more one-on-one attention here. The other thing is as far as his eligibility for basketball, we're not in the high school athletic association, and he's not eligible in the Alabama High School athletic association. So those are the two things that would make it of interest to them."

Parker said he expects Muniru to make a decision soon, and doesn't necessarily think he'll wind up at Central Christian.

"They said they wanted to decide almost immediately," Parker said. "But that's not to say he's coming here. I'd say probably not.

"If they call us again we'll hear from them, if they don't we won't." Top Stories