Creek Likes IU's Chances with Braswell

Bloomington -'s 45th ranked player in the 2009 class talks about his impressions of IU from his official visit, and what his friend and teammate Chris Braswell thought as well...

Bloomington – Maurice Creek has spent four years playing with Chris Braswell, and now he's hoping for four more.

The long-time AAU and now Hargrave Military Academy teammates were in Bloomington last weekend for their official visits. For the already IU-bound Creek, it was his first opportunity to look around the town and campus that he'll be calling home starting next fall.

"I went around with Coach (Tom) Crean one night and everyone knew who I was before I even got there," Creek said. "They are looking at me as a big target. That was crazy. There were hundreds of people who already knew who I was and who Chris was."

That made quite an impression on the 6'4", 185-pound Creek, and he's hoping it has an equally big impact on the 6'8", 225-pound Braswell. Saturday's official visit was the third stop for Braswell, who has already taken officials to Xavier and Maryland. He's slated to go to Charlotte this weekend and plans to make a decision in the coming weeks.

Creek said it was important that the two made their officials together, and he's hoping the weekend helps convince Braswell to pick Indiana as well.

"Just to get him to see what the campus look like, and just for us to be able to play together for another four years is really important," Creek said. "We have already been together for four years, so we know what each other can do. Put that with an IU team that already has a great class coming in, I think we'd be unstoppable once we got there."

While Braswell's basketball skills are a big reason why Creek would like to see the big man join him in Bloomington, it's not the only reason.

"It would be a dream to play with Chris in college," Creek said. "We know each other so well, he's like my brother."

With the two being so close, Creek said he has a very good feeling about what Braswell's impressions were of IU, and about what his ultimate decision will be.

"I think Chris really enjoyed the visit," Creek said. "We were out there scrimmaging (in open gym) and he was out there killing. If he made the choice to go to IU, we could go so far. I think he's going to pick us."

That would be big news for the Hoosiers, who have already assembled a class that appears destined to be ranked in the top-five nationally. The highest ranked player on IU's list of six commits is Creek, who is ranked No. 45 nationally according to

Creek has skyrocketed up the rankings the summer, jumping some 30 spots thanks to his play with the Triple Threat AAU squad. While the rankings are relatively meaningless for Creek since he's already made his college decision, he's still glad to see he's getting recognized for his skills and abilities.

"I still care about it," Creek said. "There's really nothing to care about, but when you see you're under other people that you think you're better than, it gets to you a little.

"I think I'm the best guard. Everyone thinks that way, but with me, I'm different. I think I'm the best." Top Stories