Rodkey Returns From One Injury, Now Out Again

Bloomington - IU offensive line recruit Colin Rodkey returned to the field a couple of weeks ago from off-season shoulder surgery, but he's now been ruled out again for a new medical issue...

Bloomington – It's been a frustrating senior season thus far for Colin Rodkey.

The IU-bound offensive tackle from Gateway H.S. in Monroeville, Penn., started the season on the sidelines due to off-season shoulder surgery. He returned to the field a couple of weeks ago with a clean bill of health, but is now out again with another issue.

Rodkey began suffering migraine headaches recently and was forced to sit out last weekend's win over Erie (Penn.) McDowell H.S. He began taking medication for the migraines Monday, and he's expected to miss one more game before returning to the field for a huge game Oct. 23 against McKeesport H.S.

"It's been really frustrating because as a senior and leader and Division I prospect, I want to be there to help my team," said the 6-5, 266-pounder. "But it's a whole lot nicer that we're winning. If we were losing it would be a whole lot worse."

Migraines are actually something that have run in the Rodkey family. Colin's father has long suffered from them and they eventually forced him to take early medical retirement from his teaching job because he suffers from them on a daily basis.

"My dad has the best knowledge of the pain of migraines, and it's like your brain is cramping," Rodkey said. "I've had broken bones, turn ligaments, I've done just about everything possible. But I've never felt pain like that."

That pain, though, should go away soon. The steroid he's been put on to help is identical to the one his sister recently took as a result of a concussion that she suffered. She felt better within 12 hours, and Colin is expecting to experience similar results.

"The medication is working, but they just want me to take this week off for precautionary reasons," Rodkey said.

Gateway H.S. has not only survived in Rodkey's absence, but continued to flourish. Gateway is off to a 7-0 start, having outscored its seven foes by a combined score of 308-56. They are also the third-ranked team in the nation according to USA Today, trailing only Byrnes (S.C.) H.S. and Trinity H.S. in Euless, Texas.

When Rodkey returns, he expects to play both ways. He starts at both offensive and defensive tackle, and other than sitting out an occasional defensive series is on the field for just about every snap.

"My shoulder is 100 percent, and the coaches are happy about that," Rodkey said. "I'll be back for next week's game and for the entire playoffs, and I can't wait for that."

Rodkey said he also can't wait to get his IU career underway as well. He made the trip with his father to Bloomington a couple of weeks ago for the 42-29 loss to Michigan State, and came away impressed with what he saw from IU on the field and from the fans in the stands.

"I'm really excited about getting there," Rodkey said. "I'm glad I got to see a game at the Rock. They really should have won. It was exciting, and I thought the team looked good. It was rocking in there. I can't wait to play there." Top Stories