Davis will coach against Temple

Coach Mike Davis will remain on Indiana's sidelines -- for now.

Indiana sent its report regarding Mike Davis' probable suspension today at noon to the Big Ten. The terms of the report are uncertain and it is unknown whether the university suggested a specific number of games for Davis to miss. The Big Ten must respond to the report by Thursday.

Davis could be suspended up to six games if the conference deems it necessary. Davis' immediate apology after the incident could help lessen the number of games he will miss.

"Whatever they say is fine with me, and the administration has been really supportive, so whatever they decide is fine,'' Davis said Friday.

The Big Ten does not plan on making an immediate response to Indiana's report, according to Big Ten spokeswoman Sue Lister.,br.
This delayed response from the Big Ten could help or harm the Hoosiers. Indiana will have its coach for their first real road game of the season at Temple on Saturday and could have him for their second at Ball State on Tuesday, depending on the haste of the Big Ten's decision. His leadership will be a large benefit for the Hoosiers on the road. Indiana has only played at home or at neutral sites thus far this season. On the other hand, if Davis' suspension lasts for several games, the delayed response will cause Davis to miss Big Ten conference games, which could hurt Indiana's chance at winning a Big Ten title.

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