Something Big Is On the Horizon for IU

So I'm headed out of town for 10 days, and I already know what will happen.

So I'm headed out of town for 10 days, and I already know what will happen.

Kelvin Sampson will resign.

Rick Greenspan will step down as well.

Indiana football will secure five commitments in one day.

That's right…those are the things that have happened the last couple of times I've made plans to head out of town at a seemingly harmless time of year.

If there's one thing I've learned in my nearly four years of running, it's that big things seem to happen when I try to get away for a couple of days. It's turned into a bit of a running joke that when I leave Bloomington, it's a good time for other media outlets to put their staffs on notice that a big news item is imminent.

So with that in mind, be prepared for something big to happen with IU Athletics in the next week and a half.

The reason for my temporary sabbatical is an exciting one, as I'm getting married on Saturday, May 30, and then departing soon afterwards on my honeymoon for 10 days. In an effort to get my marriage off on the right foot, I deemed it to be a good idea not to have my laptop with me while we're poolside, or to have my cell phone buzzing every 20 minutes.

I'll be back on the job on June 11, ready to track what's going on with Tom Crean's top recruiting targets on the AAU circuit as well as what's unfolding with Bill Lynch's recruiting efforts.

In my absence, the site won't come to standstill – far from it. Both Football Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu and Basketball Recruiting Expert Evan Daniels will be keeping an eye on the site and providing the same sort of outstanding coverage of IU recruiting that they always do. They'll be updating the front page as well to make sure you are still getting the latest news on IU recruiting.

In addition, Milehiiu, TheFourthEstate and craighoops will continue to do the same sort of yeoman's work on the message boards that they always do. As the site has grown over the last couple of years, our boards have continued to have what I think is a perfect blend of passionate but respectful discussion, and all of the credit for that needs to be heaped on their shoulders.

Thanks for your understanding with my temporary absence, and for all of your support of the site. And remember, don't wander too far away from the site while I'm gone.

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