More From Irving on IU In-Home Visit

Moments after wrapping up Tuesday's in-home visit with Texas A&M,'s No. 5 ranked player in the 2010 class, Kyrie Irving, elaborated on how Monday night's visit went with the Hoosier coaching staff...

If Indiana doesn't eventually land Kyrie Irving, it sure won't be due to a lack of effort.

On Monday, IU Coach Tom Crean was joined by assistants Roshown McLeod and Tim Buckley at Irving's home for an in-home visit with's No. 5-ranked player in the 2010 class. The visit from the IU coaches is one of a handful of sit-downs Irving is having this week as he works toward making a decision on where he'll play his college basketball.

"The visit with Indiana went really well," Irving said. "It was a great visit."

For Irving, the most important part of the visit was that some of those who are close to him had a chance to get a feel for Crean and his staff. As IU's top recruiting target for the class, Irving has been able to talk to the staff on a regular basis and develop relationships with Crean and McLeod in particular.

"I've known IU for a long time, since the beginning of my junior year so I know them well," Irving said. "Really the biggest thing for me was them getting a chance to know my family and my family to get a chance to know them."

Irving is already familiar with Crean and with how he envisions using him if he decides to commit to the Hoosiers. It's a similar role to what he's heard from just about every coach who he's talking with during the process.

"They're talking about me being their point guard, how they need one to come in and run their program and they want me to be that guy," Irving said. "They think I can be a scoring guard for them and also be a leader."

Speaking of leaders, there are many who are speculating that his recruiting leaders remain Indiana and Duke. Besides having both in for in-home visits in the last couple of days, Irving will officially visit those those school's first - Duke on Sept. 25 and Indiana Oct. 2. Irving has seen the speculation that it's a two-team race, but shrugs it off.

"I really don't pay much attention to people saying it's between those two. People can believe wehat they want to believe – I really see everyone as being on equal footing," Irving said.

This appears to be a recruiting battle that will go down to the wire, and one that will have Irving in the spotlight until he does make a decision. That's alright with the St. Patrick's (N.J.) standout, who appreciates the opportunities that are ahead of him.

"I'm enjoying the process – it's hectic at times, but there are a lot of people who would love to be in my situation and I'm just grateful I get a chance to go through this," Irving said. Top Stories