Kendrick Reviews Indiana Official

Bloomington - IU Coach Tom Crean let Jelan Kendrick know if he came to Indiana he'd be the "talk of the town" as a member of the Hoosiers. Kendrick talked about that and his impressions of his IU visit Sunday night...

Bloomington – Jelan Kendrick has come, and now Indiana will have to wait.

The 6'6", 185-pound guard from Marietta, Ga., was in Bloomington over the weekend for his official visit to the Hoosier program along with his father. He toured the athletic and academic facilities, met with the academic advising staff and was on hand for Indiana's Haunted Hall of Hoops scrimmage. He said he also signed a few autographs, since many Hoosier fans are now well versed in the abilities of's second-ranked small forward.

"It went good," Kendrick said Sunday, shortly after completing his visit. "It's a good school, Coach (Tom) Crean is a good coach, Coach (Roshown) McLeod is there, they have a good fan base, it's a historical school, and they have a good tradition in basketball. We had a good time."

Crean is hoping that Kendrick had a good enough time that he'll eventually consider committing the Hoosiers. Indiana's head coach made it clear to Kendrick how important his addition would be to what he's trying to accomplish with the IU program.

"He said I'm really important to the program if I come," Kendrick said. "He said I could help the program a lot and be the talk of the town. Last year was a drought, but he expects the team to be good this year. He said if I come we'll be a great team because he thinks I'm a good playmaker."

Kendrick said Crean would seem him fitting in at the 1, 2 and 3 spots on the floor if he came to Indiana and being a big part of the team early on. That's important to Kendrick, but academics is also a big part of his decision-making process as well.

"Academics is definitely important because my mom and dad instilled that in me," Kendrick said. "You put a little hole in a basketball eventually it will flatten out. I always want to have something to lean back on. So academics is a big part of my decision, and so is basketball. They'll both be important. Also, the support from the town or city and the team and how close knit we can become so we can try to win a national championship."

Crean has visions of accomplishing that during his time with the Hoosier program, and he's hoping Kendrick signs on to be a part of that as a Hoosier. But he still has a little wait until he gets an answer from Kendrick, who said he's not sure what he has coming up next as far as visits or when he'll make a decision.

"I think Coach Crean respects my process and will let me take my time and whenever I feel comfortable with whoever, that's when I'll make my decision," Kendrick said. "He isn't rushing me." Top Stories