Many schools interested in Johnson

Many teams wanted Alex Johnson on their roster last year. Now that the gifted power forward has improved his game, even more top programs covet him.

Many scouts consider Alexander Johnson one of the top three big men unsigned in this year's recruiting class. Johnson was highly acclaimed coming out of high school, signing with Georgia, but could not play for the ‘Dawgs because of academic problems.

Johnson plays for the Junior College Bridgton Academy this season. Since beginning play for Bridgton Academy, Johnson has attracted even more attention from scouts, as he added an outside attack to his game.

On January 8th, Johnson told Dave Telep his favorites were Indiana, UConn, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama. Now with Johnson's improvement Bridgton Academy Coach Whit Lesure says the teams interested are "too many to reel off." Louisville, Cincinnati, and North Carolina now are pursuing Johnson. Lesure believes Johnson is a more complete player since entering his program.

"He's improved his outside game," Lesure said. "He has a more consistent ability to shoot. He's more polished in the low post."

Johnson led Bridgton Academy to two victories this weekend, giving the team a 19-5 record for the season.

"He does a little for us what Jared Jeffries did for Indiana last year, but AJ's more of a powerful kind of guy. The ball goes through his hands on the inside and outside."

Although Johnson has many of the same skills as Jeffries, Lesure does not think Jeffries is a good comparison because Johnson is more of a low post player, while Jeffries prefers to face the basket.

Johnson has 3-point range, but Lesure thinks Johnson could still improve his skills with his face to the basket.

"He's got to continue to handle the ball, shoot the ball; to do the things players do at the next level."

Johnson should be eligible to play because he is doing well academically at Bridgton Academy.

"He's been a good student since he's been here," Lesure said.

Johnson is waiting until the end of the season to decide which team he will play for next season. Lesure and Johnson have discussed "..the program, the league, the geographic area, and many other things including the coaching staff." Top Stories