SIGNING DAY: What Does Indiana Got?

Bloomington - As the letters begin to come in, the burning question is - What does Indiana got?'s Allen Trieu answers to biggest questions about Indiana's 2010 recruiting class, including his thoughts that there's a future All-Big Ten talent in the fold...

Bloomington - The letters are in (or are at least starting to come in). Back what does Indiana got?

When the day closes, Indiana is expecting to receive 21 letters of intent from both high school and junior college commits. Those 21 players will join a quartet of other newcomers that have already enrolled at IU this semester – athlete Jack Denton, defensive back Lenyatta Kiles, running back Antonio Banks and linebacker Jeff Thomas.

It's a recruiting class that includes four of the top 20 players in the state of Indiana. It also has three-star prospects from Illinois (Matt Perez, Marlandez Harris), Ohio (Chase Hoobler, Harrison Scott), Wisconsin (Xavier Whitaker) and Michigan (Ishmael Thomas, Matt Zakrewski). While it might lack a huge name, it's a class that appears to address many of the long-term needs that IU Coach Bill Lynch's staff had for the class.

But now that we know who Indiana got, the real question people want to know is what does Indiana got? For that, we turned to Midwest Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu for his perspective. Trieu has analyzed the tape of many of IU's commits and offers his answers to some of the biggest questions about Indiana's 2010 recruiting class.

Question: Who do you see as the best player in Indiana's 2010 class and why?

Allen Trieu: Mine is a choice that might surprise some people - it's Matt Zakrzewski. I've seen him on film, in games and in camps and he's an outstanding player. He has to adjust from playing safety, but he's a kid I think a lot of other schools will regret not coming after harder. In my opinion, he's a future All Big-Ten type player.

Question: Who are a couple of under-the-radar guys that you think could end up making a big impact at IU?

Allen Trieu: Well, right by Zakrzewski is Kofi Hughes. I think he's a kid who could end up as a starting quarterback, he could play receiver, he could play safety. He's just an all around good athlete. The linebacker class is outstanding and Ishamel Thomas, Chase Hoobler and Jack Denton all bring something different to the table. I also think Matt Perez could eventually be a starting running back.

Question: How big of an impact did the loss of Jibreel Black have on Indiana's class ranking?

Allen Trieu: It was big. He was an immediate contributor, if not starter, in my opinion. He would have been the highest rated kid in the class and he brings a lot of ability to the table.

Question: Is there a particular weakness that you think Indiana has with its class?

Allen Trieu:Just that lack of real immediate impact guys. I think a lot of their best players will be good ones down the road, but with the exception of one or two kids, I don't see a lot of contributions coming from this group next year.

Question: How do you think Indiana did as far as recruiting the state of Indiana?

Allen Trieu:They pulled a few guys like Hughes and Denton that I liked and a couple sleepers like Logan Young and Leneil Himes. It would have been nice to get one of the top rated kids. They were in on Dyjuan Lewis, James Hurst and a couple others. It wasn't a great year in the state though, and a lot of the top kids had ties and interest elsewhere, so I think they did pretty well considering what the field looked like. Top Stories