Profile: Chris Mangiero

Chris Mangiero followed his father to Bloomington after his dad joined Gerry DiNardo's staff last season. Mangiero talks about getting started at Indiana and the potential for high school teammate Jahkeen Gilmore to ignite Indiana's offense next season.

It's safe to say incoming freshman Chris Mangiero grew up in a football family. Chris' father, Dino, played in the NFL for eight seasons. He also led Brooklyn Poly Prep to a record of 65-5-1 in eight seasons before joining Coach DiNardo's coaching staff last season. Chris's older brother Dan is a defensive lineman at Richmond.

Despite growing up around football, Mangiero thinks he needs to work on some aspects of his game.

"I need to work on the overall technique of the position, Mangiero said. "I'm learning though." Mangiero will play center for Indiana, but he does not have much experience at the position. He began his career on the defensive line, moved to guard his junior year of high school and finally switched to center last season for Bloomington South.
,br> Mangiero began his career at Poly Prep and then moved to Bloomington when his father accepted a job as Director of Football Operations for IU. Mangiero was not bothered by the move because "a bunch of my friends from home came to Indiana."

That's partly because Dino Mangiero influenced many of his former players to come to Indiana including last year's starting full back John Pannozzo. Chris told us to watch out for another former teammate, Jahkeen Gilmore, who could not play last season because of academic difficulties.

No one in Indiana's secondary could stop Gilmore in one-on-one drills during practice this season. He has speed, quickness and a 6'1 frame giving quarterbacks a large target to throw at.

"I see him doing big things for the team, making the offense more explosive," Mangiero said. "He's a freak."

Mangiero is a spring enrollee at Indiana. "I was clueless coming in, but I'm doing good in all my classes. So far so good." Enrolling early gave Chris the chance to meet his teammates at the weight room. He knows almost all of them already from workouts and will get to know them better once spring practice begins.

Asked about the physical play in the Big Ten, Chris replied "Oh yea I can't wait. I want to put on a little weight and get bigger and stronger."

Mangiero does not want to put on too much weight because he has always regarded his quickness as one of his biggest assets. Quicker, more athletic line men like Mangiero will give Indiana more options to pull their linemen or run more effective screen and draw plays. Top Stories