Seniors Deliver In Final Home Game

Jeff Newton, Kyle Hornsby and Tom Coverdale all contributed to a needed win in their final game at Assembly Hall. Hoosier Insider analyzes their contributions to the win and relays some comments made by the threesome during the post-game festivities during Senior Night.

Jeff Newton made his final appearance at Assembly Hall a memorable one. Fans chanted "Newt" all game as the senior delivered one of his best performances of the season with 22 points and a career high 16 rebounds.

Newton actively hit the boards, particularly on the offensive end where he grabbed 9 of his 16 rebounds. Although Newton did not shoot particularly well (7-for-21), he played aggressively all game. This aggressive play drew several early fouls on Minnesota's leading scorer, Rick Rickert. Foul trouble forced Rickert to the bench for much of the second half.

Newton, on the other hand, played 38 minutes. He took himself out for a brief stint in the second half after taking a shot to the stomach, but returned to the scorer's table less than a minute later, ready to check back in. While he looked tired at some points in the second half, he continued being active down low for Indiana.

Tom Coverdale did not put up the numbers that Newton did, but he ran the offense extremely well all game. Minnesota's defenders tried to prevent him from getting open looks, so Coverdale used this to his advantage by pump faking and getting the Gopher defenders in the air. Coverdale then was able to find open shooters and Newton down low for good looks at the basket. He finished with nine points, and his eight assists kept Indiana in the game when the Hoosiers were struggling to score points.

Coverdale played all 40 minutes, and he put the nail in the coffin by making his first free throw with 3.8 seconds left to give Indiana a decisive 74-70 lead.

Kyle Hornsby did not start the game, but the senior played down the stretch when Indiana needed his leadership. Indiana led 67-64, and Minnesota had all the momentum in the game when Hornsby sunk a 3-pointer in the corner. Fans that were getting nervous down the stretch rose to their feet after Hornby hit the 3-pointer.

"That was a huge three," Davis said.

Hornsby hit 3-for-5 from 3-point range for the game, and he was instrumental in giving Indiana another outside threat against the two-three zone Minnesota used for most of the game.

Davis clearly felt emotional after the game. He joked that he could not wait to see Newton speak drawing a smile to the big man's face. "Newton has developed into one of the best players in the Big Ten," Davis declared.

Davis continued praising his seniors complimenting Kyle Hornsby on his strong work ethic. Davis said in all his years of coaching he has never seen a player who works as hard as Hornsby does at improving his game. "Every player I recruit, I tell them I want them to work as hard as Kyle Hornsby," Davis said.

Tom Coverdale had a huge smile on his face after declaring to fans that after bad games his girlfriend "is always there to put me in a good mood." Fans all began cheering and Coverdale cleared up his statement saying, "You guys took that the wrong way. I mean I come home and call her on the phone and she puts me in the right mood."

Coverdale thanked Coach Davis for sticking with him during his first two seasons when he struggled at Indiana. Coverdale commended Davis' character for giving him a chance to succeed, and the two exchanged a hug.

Indiana's three seniors delivered when it counted. Now, with one more win Indiana can secure a bid to the NCAA tournament. Hopefully the three seniors will continue to lead Indiana as they travel to Penn State this Saturday. Top Stories