Local Star RB Has Attention of IU, Others

Bloomington –D'Angelo Roberts wasn't exactly where one would have expected him to be when word came in that he'd received his first scholarship offer.

Bloomington –D'Angelo Roberts wasn't exactly where one would have expected him to be when word came in that he'd received his first scholarship offer.

When Bloomington (Ind.) North H.S. Coach Scott Bless learned from the IU staff that the Hoosiers were set to offer back in October, he went to let his star running back know. Surprisingly, he found Roberts on the basketball court and in a degree of pain.

"I was in PE class doing what I was not supposed to do," Roberts said. "I had rolled my ankle dunking on a kid. I did a windmill dunk, stepped on his foot and rolled my ankle.

"My coach came by and said, ‘What's wrong with you?' I told him and he said, ‘Well, this should cheer you up. You got your first scholarship offer from IU.' That made me completely happy and jumping for joy. That was the greatest moment of my life."

Since then, the 5'10", 180-pounder has added significantly to his scholarship total, adding offers from Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Ball State and Western Kentucky. Iowa and Michigan State, meanwhile, have said they'll likely offer after Roberts' next set of grades come in, while Penn State is also expressing plenty of interest.

But no matter how long the scholarship list gets, Roberts admits there will always be something special about that first offer.

"I honestly had no idea IU was going to be my first scholarship offer when it happened," Roberts said. "Since then I've gotten a lot more, but I will always appreciate my first one. No matter how many I get, I'll always remember IU as my first."

Indiana figures to be more than just the school that got the recruiting ball rolling. This 2,600-yard rusher from a season ago appears to be giving serious consideration to Indiana as a potential destination.

"As of now I'm not making any commitments, I don't have a top five or a top 10, but IU is still in the picture and in my equation of playing football," Roberts said.

Indiana has more going for it than simply the fact it's the hometown team. In addition to being the first to offer, the IU staff has made it clear how badly they'd like to see Roberts in an IU uniform one day.

"They tell me if I go there I'll have a great chance to play early," Roberts said. "I'd need to know the program, I'd need to know the playbook, and I'd need to get situated. But I'd have a chance. They support me. I get tons of letters from IU daily. They never let me forget about them and I never will."

But there will be plenty of other options for Roberts to consider. Roberts' astronomical totals of 2,604 rushing yards and 32 touchdowns a season ago put him on just about everyone's radar, and he's now taking it all in and sorting out what program will be the best fit.

"It all depends (on when I'll decide)," Roberts said. "I love IU, and I like a lot of other programs too. If I get the feeling that IU is exactly where I need to be, then I'll make my decision tomorrow. It's a matter of waking up and feeling that this is the best program for me."

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