Catching up with Elgin Cook

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Bay View (WI) High School's Elgin Cook about some of his summer highlights, why he's excited about playing with Chris Allen in 2011, and the areas of his game that have improved the most over the past few months.

Cyclone Sports Report: What were some of your highlights of the summer?

Elgin Cook: I mostly played with the Running Rebels AAU team and I would say that the highlights were getting to the final four of the Nike BYBL Tournament and at Kings Island. I also played real well at our tournament in Las Vegas.

Cyclone Sports Report: When will you be up to Iowa State next?

Elgin Cook: I'm not sure yet. I will definitely be coming up for a visit when they have a home football game but we haven't decided which one yet.

Cyclone Sports Report: How are things going between you and Coach Hoiberg?

Elgin Cook: They are real tight and I would say we get along real well. He checks up on me and sometimes he'll give me pointers to help me work on my game.

Cyclone Sports Report: How excited are you that you will be teammates with Michigan State transfer Chris Allen who has already been to two Final Four's?

Elgin Cook: It's really a great opportunity for me to soak up as much from him as I possibly can during that one season that I will be playing with him. He's already made a long way in college basketball so I just look forward to playing with him and learning as much as possible. He'll likely teach me a lot on and off the court which should be very helpful.

Cyclone Sports Report: How did you improve as a player during the summer?

Elgin Cook: I got stronger which really helped me because then I was able make stronger moves in the lane. I also feel my shooting and ballhandling have both gotten better.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you want to improve on heading into your senior season?

Elgin Cook: A lot of stuff needs to improve and I really need to fine tune everything so that I can be a better all-around player on the court.

Cyclone Sports Report: Have you had any communication with fellow 2011 commit Anthony Odunsi?

Elgin Cook: Yes, we definitely keep in contact. We actually talk all the time and he's just really a good dude who I look forward to playing with at Iowa State. He's supposed to be coming up for a visit when I do so we can be at Iowa State at the same time.

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