Omoile names favorite

What was supposed to be just an official visit for Coppell (TX) High School's Oni Omoile to Iowa State this past weekend turned into a reunion of sorts for his parents. It was just one of the many highlights that they enjoyed during their weekend in Ames.

"My parents saw Kelechi Osemeli's parents and when they were younger they were all friends but they hadn't seen each other in close to twenty years so they were all really excited to see each other. It made the trip really sweet," said Omoile. "I got to hang with Kelechi and he told me that Iowa State was great and that I would really like it here if I picked them."

The 6-foot-3, 275-pound offensive guard told Cyclone Sports Report that things could not have gone better.

"I loved it here and just the general feel of Ames felt at home," said Omoile. "I didn't commit but they are definitely my number one school right now."

Many positives jumped out for Oni during his time at Iowa State but one key aspect jumped out for both him and his parents.

"We were just so impressed with how well the academics are structured there," he said. "The fact that they have the highest student-athlete graduation rate in the Big 12 is awesome and I really like how they set up the tutoring program."

Oni also getting to talk with Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads.

"He's a really passionate coach that you would want to give your all for when everything is on the line," said Omoile. "He said he needs big guys on the offensive line who can move. He wants guys who show strong agility and speed and guys that can get out and take on the opposing linebackers. He told me that he feels that I fit the bill and definitely felt pretty good to hear that from him."

Oni also likes the direction that the program is heading under Coach Rhoads.

"He's got everything on track and with the team getting wins like they did over Texas they'll be able to get more people to consider Iowa State," he said. "Once they see how wonderful it is in Ames they'll want to be a part of the program."

Oni, who also has offers from Wyoming, Louisiana Tech, Memphis, and UTEP, is not ready to end his recruitment any time soon.

"I just don't want to have any regrets by making a decision early," said Omoile. "I absolutely loved it here and how things are structured but I still want to take a few more visits. I'll probably make my decision at some point in January."

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