Five questions with Diante Garrett

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Diante Garrett on a variety of topics as we near the beginning of the 2010-11 season.

Cyclone Sports Report: How have you dealt with having to adjust to a new coach for your senior season.

Diante Garrett: Well it kind of started bumpy with a lot of guys leaving and not knowing what other guys were going to do but then Coach Hoiberg got everything under control. I feel I have really grown from it and I love that he's my new coach and I feel that I am really learning a lot from him.

Cyclone Sports Report: A lot of players have left the program during your time in Ames. Fans seem to really respect the fact that you have stuck in out here at Iowa State. Do you agree?

Diante Garrett: Yeah, the fans have been great to me and it feels good to have that relationship with them. I love the support at Iowa State and I really like Cyclone Alley and I'm just glad that I stuck it out for my senior year.

Cyclone Sports Report: What have you improved on the most since last year?

Diante Garrett: I feel my shooting is really improving. Since last season I have shot about a thousand shots a day and I use the shooting machines all the time. Coach Hoiberg doesn't want defenses to be able to sit back in the paint against me anymore and I don't think they'll be able to this year.

Cyclone Sports Report: What can we expect from this team this season?

Diante Garrett: I think the thing that Coach Hoiberg wants the most is to spread things out and go. I think we will be a fast break team as much as possible.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your leadership role on this team?

Diante Garrett: I have been around here the longest and so I feel I need to show the younger guys how hard you have to work to be successful at this level. All the freshman look up to me and so I have tried to be as much of a vocal leader as I can be.

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