Meet Nkereuem Okoro

Cyclone Sports Report talks with 2012 Bronx (NY) St.Raymonds High School forward Nkereuwem Okoro.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your current height and weight?

Nkereuwem Okoro: I'm 6-foot-4 and I weigh 215 pounds.

Cyclone Sports Report: What schools have offered you a scholarship?

Nkereuwem Okoro: I have offers from Iowa State, Rutgers, and St. John's.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are the other main schools recruiting you besides the three that have offered you a scholarship?

Nkereuwem Okoro: The main ones are Villanova, Seton Hall, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Providence, and Arizona.Cyclone Sports Report: Would you prefer to stay on the east coast or is location not an issue for you?

Nkereuwem Okoro: Location will not be a factor at all for me. I just want to find a school that is the best fit for me.

Cyclone Sports Report: Which coach at Iowa State is mainly recruiting you?

Nkereuwem Okoro: Coach T.J. Otzelberger and Coach Hoiberg are the main ones talking to me.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do they like about your game?

Nkereuwem Okoro: They said that they like my aggressiveness on offense and that I can defend all positions.

Cyclone Sports Report: Iowa State recently signed guard Tavon Sledge who is also from New York. Do you know him?

Nkereuwem Okoro: Yeah, I know Tavon real well and I think Iowa State picked up a great player when they got him. I think Coach Hoiberg is doing a great job getting players like him and you can tell he is making a lot of progress with the program.

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you like the fact that Coach Hoiberg essentially played the same position in college and the NBA that you do?

Nkereuwem Okoro: Yeah, I think it gives him a big advantage because he has so much experience at the position I play. He could give me tips and guide me as a player to help me try and get to the NBA.

Cyclone Sports Report: Are you looking to take a visit to Iowa State?

Nkereuwem Okoro: I'm hoping to take a visit there in January but I haven't been able to set something up yet.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you want to improve about your game before you get to college?

Nkereuwem Okoro: I want to improve my jump shot and my one-on-one skills and I also want to become a lock down defender so I can always guard the other team's best player.

Cyclone Sports Report: When are you looking to make a final decision on a school?

Nkereuwem Okoro: As of right now, I'm just focusing on my season but I would say that I will probably pick my school next summer or early during my senior year.

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