Ebert keeping his options open

Iowa Western Community College's Jared Ebert has seen his recruitment take off during the 2010 season. So where exactly do things stand with Iowa State?

"I don't have any leaders yet," said Ebert. "But Iowa State is definitely up there for me."

The 6-foot-5, 285-pound defensive tackle currently holds offers from Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Kansas, Penn State, West Virginia, New Mexico, and Western Michigan.

Jared has not taken any visits yet but he is nearing his first of what should be at least four.

"I will be visiting Oregon this weekend on the 26th," he said. "I definitely plan to visit Iowa State and right now I'm also trying to set up visits to Oklahoma State and Penn State."

One factor that has not been missed with the recruitment of Ebert by Iowa State is that fact that their head coach is leading the way.

"It means a lot to me that Coach Rhoads is my main recruiter," said Ebert. "I know how busy a guy he is and the fact that he has been to a practice of mine and that we are able to talk a lot on the phone has been great. He's a really cool guy."

So what does Rhoads and the rest of the Iowa State staff like so much about Jared?

"Coach Rhoads told me that he likes my motor and they feel my strength is the pass rush," said Ebert. "I hope over the next two years that I can add some more weight so that I can also be a run stuffer."

Jared has 40 tackles, 8 for loss, and 5 sacks on the season as he has helped Iowa Western Community College to an outstanding season.

"We just ended up 9-1 as we had a chance for a league championship but we lost our last game," he said. "We still get to play in the Top of the Mountain Bowl against Snow College in December out in Utah which should be a lot of fun."

If Ebert did pick Iowa State he would be joining one very familiar face.

"I went to school with Jacob Gannon who is a freshman at Iowa State," said Ebert. "We have just spoken briefly about Iowa State."

Jared is looking forward to taking his visits but he does not expect to make his decision any time soon.

"I plan to take all my visits but if some school blows me away I might cut it short," he said. "I just want to take my time because I don't want to commit to some school and then de-commit a few weeks later. I just want to make sure I'm positive before I make any final decision."

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