Grady talks top three with CSR

Seffner (FL) Armwood High School's Josh Grady will be taking his official visit to Iowa State this weekend and he recently broke down his thoughts about his top three schools exclusively with Cyclone Sports Report.

Cyclone Sports Report: Who are your favorite schools right now?

Josh Grady: My top three are Iowa State, USF, and Wake Forest.

Cyclone Sports Report:What do you like most about Iowa State?

Josh Grady: I would say my relationship with the coaches. I just really like them and they are all really down to earth. In fact, Coach Rhoads and Coach (Shane) Burnham will be coming to my house today. I just feel they really know what they are doing.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you like most about South Florida?

Josh Grady: It's the home school and it's where my parents went to school. I know some of the players real well that go there and I'm pretty close with Coach Holtz.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you like most about Wake Forest?

Josh Grady: They have great academics and it's not too far from home. Also, they play in the ACC so they'll have games against Miami (FL) and Florida State.

Cyclone Sports Report: Have you visited the other two school?

Josh Grady: I will be visiting USF next weekend and then Wake Forest the weekend after these first two are done.

Cyclone Sports Report: You are listed as an athlete but mostly played quarterback in high school. What position is Iowa State recruiting you to play?

Josh Grady: They are strictly looking at me to play quarterback.

Cyclone Sports Report: Are they looking at you to come in and compete for the starting position next year?

Josh Grady: They told me that they have a junior college kid coming in that has a good chance of starting and that I might redshirt so that heading into my third year I would have a chance to compete for the starting job and possibly end up starting for three years.

Cyclone Sports Report: When will you likely make your final decision?

Josh Grady: After I have taken all three visits I will likely call the coach where I want to attend that I am picking his school but I probably won't make it public until signing day.

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