Johnson names his top five

So who made the cut for Jacksonville (FL) White High School offensive lineman Kaleb Johnson's top five? Only Cyclone Sports Report has his answer in this exclusive one-on-one interview with the star Florida offensive lineman.

Cyclone Sports Report: Which schools are your favorites at the moment?

Kaleb Johnson: My final five schools are Iowa State, Louisville, Rutgers, North Carolina, and Miami (FL).

Cyclone Sports Report: When did Iowa State start recruiting you?

Kaleb Johnson: Coach Messingham started recruited me for them last spring.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you like about Iowa State?

Kaleb Johnson: I really like Coach Messingham and Coach Rhoads. They are really recruiting me hard and have done a very good job of recruiting me. Coach Rhoads was just down here for a visit at my house and he so he got to talk with my mom. They talked about the school history and the academic aspects and she felt real comfortable with him.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your current height and weight?

Kaleb Johnson: I'm 6-foot-4 and I weigh 280 pounds.

Cyclone Sports Report: What position are you getting recruited for at Iowa State?

Kaleb Johnson: Right now it's offensive line but there is a chance that I could get switched to defense. I'm okay with either one so it's no big deal.

Cyclone Sports Report: What will be the most important things that you will be looking for on your visit to Iowa State?

Kaleb Johnson: The people at Iowa State and how I get along with the players will be real important. I also am interested in checking out the facilities and the living environment.

Cyclone Sports Report: Have you taken any visits so far?

Kaleb Johnson: Yeah, I have been to North Carolina and Rutgers.

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you plan on taking any other visits?

Kaleb Johnson: Yeah, after Iowa State this weekend I will be going to Louisville next weekend.

Cyclone Sports Report: When are you looking at making a final decision?

Kaleb Johnson: Signing day is the plan right now but things could change over the next few weeks.

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