Grady talks ISU visit

So how did things go for Armwood (FL) High School's Josh Grady during his visit to Ames? The star quarterback shared his thoughts with Cyclone Sports Report.

"It was cold but I had a real good time," he said. "My host was Leonard Johnson who is a character and really made things fun thoughout the weekend."

Besides being funny, Johnson also shared with Grady what it's like to be a Florida kid playing at Iowa State.

"He told me all about it and how getting used to the weather wasn't a big deal. He told me he loves it at Iowa State and the people really take care of him."

Josh, who is being recruited at quarterback, also enjoy his meeting with offensive coordinator Tom Herman.

"We had a real good meeting and he just seems really smart," said Grady. "He showed me some of the play-action fakes they do and other aspects of their offense. I like that they don't just try to throw the whole offense at you all at once. I like how they break it down to where you have to know certain plays by the third day of practice and then a little more by the fifth day an so on."

The 6-foot-1, 192-pound quarterback told Cyclone Sports Report that his parents were also impressed with certain aspects.

"We really liked getting to meet with the faculty adviser because I'm looking to possibly major in pre-med," said Grady. "My mom hammered the adviser with questions and came away very satisfied."

Josh also liked hanging with the Iowa State players and what Ames has to offer.

"I got to meet a lot of the guys and they were really funny," he said. "A lot of the guys had personalities like my friends down in Florida and they're just all really down to earth. I also like that Ames is a real college town. It's nice that only Iowa and Iowa State are the main sports teams and I even saw people asking Leonard for his autograph which I thought was pretty cool."

Grady then met with Coach Rhoads before heading out on Sunday and one big thing stuck out about Coach Rhoads and his philosophy.

"He let's the best players play and he's just going to go with the guys that can get him the win," he said. "The players confirmed that to me during the weekend and Coach Rhoads just really seems like a straight shooter and I like how he's real down to earth."

So what were Grady's final thoughts on the visit and when might a final decision be coming?

"It was a really good trip and Iowa State is still definitely one of my three favorites," he said. "There were no negatives but the distance is still something that I will have to consider. I plan on still taking my last two visits to USF next week and then Wake Forest the following week. I will likely make my final decision soon after those are finished."

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