Johnson likes Iowa State family atmosphere

Jacksonville (FL) White High School's Kaleb Johnson is down to five schools and this weekend he paid a visit to one of them and came away very impressed.

"I had a lot of fun and Coach Rhoads is just really a nice guy," said Johnson. "We went bowling on Friday night and I did terrible but it was a lot of fun hanging with the guys. I liked that it was very much a family atmosphere and my host was Shontrelle Johnson who is also from Florida and he's real cool. He told me that it was definitely worth coming up here. After taking this visit I'm definitely interested in Iowa State."

The 6-foot-5, 280-pound offensive lineman shared with Cyclone Sports Report what exactly that the Iowa State coaching staff likes so much about him.

"They want me at offensive guard and they told me that they love my athletic ability," said Johnson. "They like how I can get to the next level in that I can hit the first guy and then quickly get to the linebacker or defensive back."

Kaleb had already visited North Carolina and Rutgers and will be taking at least one more visit before a decision is made.

"My top five are North Carolina, Iowa State, Miami (FL), Rutgers, and Louisville which is the school that I will be visiting next weekend," said Johnson. "Then I'll likely make a decision after all my visits have been taken."

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