Five questions with Tad Ecby

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Houston St.Pius X wide receiver Tad Ecby who is all set to sign with Iowa State this week.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you like most about Coach Rhoads?

Tad Ecby: I just really like that he has been straight forward with me since day one. He really cares about his players and he really wants to win.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why will you be ultimately be signing with Iowa State?

Tad Ecby: The first reason is because they were one of the first schools to recruit me and really believe in me. The other big factor is that I have a chance to play early at Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: Who is the NFL player that you are most compared to or that you look up to the most?

Tad Ecby: I would have to say Dez Bryant without a doubt is who I get compared to the most.

Cyclone Sports Report: How did your season end up?

Tad Ecby: We ended up 10-2 and suffered a tough loss in the second round of the playoffs.

Cyclone Sports Report: Which is the Big 12 team that you are most looking forward to playing against during your Iowa State career?

Tad Ecby: I have some former teammates that play at Texas so they are definitely the team that I can't wait to play.

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