CN's Fan in the Stands

Frequent Cyclone Nation online user CowboyClone attended practice on Saturday morning and offered his observations afterwards.

Today was the second practice I have attended this spring with today being MUCH warmer than last week. I don't claim to be and expert but I did come away with a few observations after the past two Saturdays.

First of all, I think the most obvious thing I have seen is the great play of the defense. Not only have they been making plays as Bill's articles have pointed out but I have been very happy to see the intensity they are playing with.

My biggest concern on defense was regarding our linebackers especially after Whitaker got hurt. However, Mosher has been looking fantastic considering the short amount of time he has been playing linebacker! If he can put on another 10 pounds before this fall, LOOK OUT! In addition to Nik Moser, Woodley has really been dishing out some punishment while Brown is everything I thought he would be. The other two guys that stuck out today were Robertson and Kyle Smith. As Bill's article pointed out, they both played very well today and made me feel much better about our depth at linebacker.

The only other concern I had on defense was regarding Cephus Johnson. I have been impressed with his play which allows TeBrink to provide some much needed depth for Carstens and Leaders.

On offense, my concerns have been the offensive line and quarterback. Quite frankly, I'm still undecided about how good our offensive line is going to be. It seems like Zehr and Brant are still struggling at times which is to be expected but only time will tell how quickly at least one of them can consistently play at a high level. My gut tells me that if Brant really hits the weights hard this summer and gets significantly stronger, he may get the nod but then again, what do I know?

As far as the quarterback competition goes, from what I have seen from Flynn and Love, Flynn would be my starter right now, no doubt about it. He obviously can scramble better than Love but more importantly, he has done a better job of not turning the ball over this spring. Flynn still needs to spend a lot of time working on his passing but I have been much more impressed with him than I thought I would be at this point. I didn't mention Terry just because I haven't seen enough of him yet due to his injury.

Finally, I was disappointed in Hicks last Saturday but he looked much better today. I really think once he has more time to learn the offensive system better so he can just react to situations rather than having to think so much, he will really tear things up. However, until then, Rutland has looked very impressive this spring. I feel great about our running backs but continue to think they will only due as well as our offensive line allows them to. If our offensive line can continue to improve this fall and stay injury free, look for a return of our dominant running game.

I would just like to thank Bill for providing some absolutely fantastic information out of spring practice this year and I look forward to seeing many of you next Saturday! Go Clones!

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