Scrimmage Photo Gallery #1

Last Saturday's scrimmage was the biggest yet for the Iowa State football program this spring, and photographer Reese Strickland presents the first of a two-part series providing CN subscribers with the visuals.

Quarterback Austin Flynn makes a move in the open field.

Wide receiver Jack Whitver gets ready to haul in a pass.

Whitver is tackled quickly after making the catch.

Flynn stands tall in the pocket.

Stevie Paris makes a punishing open field hit.

Adam Benike sizes up a kick.

Benike follows through.

Flynn looks downfield as Casey Shelton tries to keep Tyson Smith away.

Stevie Hicks makes a move in the open field.

Hicks is taken down by Harold Clewis with some help.

It gets physical along the line of scrimmage.

Tony Yelk boots a punt while Dan McCarney looks on in the background.

Receiver Lance Young and cornerback Ellis Hobbs await the snap.



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